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Andijan is a city in the Ferghana Valley, Uzbekistan.

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By plane

  Andizhan Airport (IATA: AZN) is located in the southwestern fringes of the town. Uzbekistan Airways operates flights from

By bus

You can get to Andijan from any other city of Ferghana Valley by taxies or minibuses. The main bus station is close to the   train station


Stay safe

Andijan was the site of what many have termed a massacre in May of 2005. The story is complicated, but in brief, an armed raid on a local prison, followed by the occupation of a government building where local government officials were held hostage, led to a gathering of several thousand people in the town square. At some point, firing began and the end result was the death of what most believe to be hundreds of innocents, shot down by government troops. The official government version of these events was that the entire event was triggered by Islamic extremists and that only 187 people died - virtually all "extremists", government officials and troops. Eyewitnesses to the tragedy, however, (and there are many who fled the country and have been granted asylum in various countries) say that hundreds of innocent citizens, including women and children, were gunned down in the streets as they tried to flee.

Much of what took place at that time in Andijan may never be fully known. The government of Uzbekistan has refused demands from the west for an impartial investigation and, in fact, has intimated that the "extremists" who triggered the event were financed by the West.

Andijan is accessible for tourists as any other place in Ferghana Valley. The only special precautions would be not discussing the events of 2005 and respect the religion, as Ferghana Valley. especially Andijan, is the islamic region. Dressing should be modest.

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