Andean Highlands (Ecuador)

Andean Highlands is a region in Ecuador.


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At an elevation of over 2,200m (and often a lot more!), the Andean highlands are very scenic, and can offer breathtaking natural experience This part of Ecuador also preserves much of its original pre-Columbian heritage, which is notable in the food language, clothes and costumes of many people.


Almost everyone speaks Spanish. However for many people, especially in the countryside and Chimborazo/Tungurahua provinces, Quichua is the first language, and any attempt to speak some will very well received. English is not commonly spoken, at least at a more advanced level.

Get in

Quito is the main air hub, and there are also international buses from Peru and Colombia. Domestically, you can take buses from many places in the Coastal Lowlands and the Amazon Rainforest.

Get around

Due to the very uneven terrain, even short distance can take some time to cover. Buses run almost everywhere, and is the manin mode of transportation. For longer distances (e.g. Quito-Cuenca/Loja) you could consider flying.


There are beautiful colonial towns which you should see and spend time in. However, the natural scenery is even more breathtaking.



The Andean Highlands offers many opportunities for world-class hiking, biking, rafting, mountain climbing, birdwatching, horse-back riding and much more.

Stay safe

Look at individual city guides for more information. The coast and Ecuador in general are quite safe, but take normal precautions and use common sense. Don't wander around at dark in places you don't know are safe. If going off the path, do some extra research.

Stay healthy

Due to the elevation, altitude sickness is a risk. Take it easy the first day(s).

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