Anadyr viewed from the harbour.

Anadyr (Russian: Ана́дырь uh-NAH-dyhr) is the capital city of Chukotka and the easternmost town in Russia.


The city's recent history is related to the name of the governor Abramovich, now deposed, and whose renovations have touched upon all aspects of city's life. Due to the colors of the houses the city bears the name of 'summer city'. It was founded by a Russian explorer Semyon Dezhnev in 1889 on the mouth of the river Kazachka.

Get in

By plane

There are regular flights from Moscow by Transaero, from Khabarovsk and Vladivostok by Vladavia and from Magadan by Yakutia. The flight to Moscow leaves daily, but the other ones are served once or twice a month. There is a Bering Air charter flight from Nome, Alaska. Foreigners need at least an invitation paper from the tour agency. The airport's location is on the faraway coast from the city, so get ready for a long outdoor trip. The first leg is covered by 40 min by bus and the second leg is on board of a cutter. The cutter departs every two hours.

Local airport serves plane flights to Bilibino, Pevek, Provideniya and others, to where a ticket is being bought months in advance.


It is reported that there is a zimnik (Russian expression for road passable only during the winter when the rivers are frozen) connecting Seymchan (settlement located by Kolyma river and reachable through Kolyma highway). From Seymchan take a ferry (if the river is not frozen) to Nizhnekolymsk. Once in Nizhnekolymsk, ask inhabitants for direction to Anyuysk and from there head for Anadyr.

Please note that taking this way to get in Anadyr is strongly unrecommended as conditions of this path are even worse than those of the Kolyma highway. If you just want to get to Anadyr the cheapest way, go there by plane and don't even think about getting in overland, but if you seek for a serious adventure this could be what you are looking for. If you decide taking this path, you should prepare well, since you will be dealing with one of most unfriendly environment in world. There is a serious chance of death by many factors such as bears, large uncivilized area, no hospitals, lack of food and fuel etc. It is also reported that there is no actual road for the last 100 km before you reach Anadyr, so you will have to navigate yourself by GPS and prepare your vehicle for a deep snow ride.

Get around


To view Anadyr's landmarks will take couple of days, but to learn about it will need much longer. Enjoy Chukchi national dance to compare it with Kamchatka's.


Outdoor life. Winter is time for dog-sledding. Summer is good for hiking to mountains, fishing and rafting. Visiting remote villages of Chukchi and Eskimo peoples.


Anadyr market

Bone carvings.


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