Amboy is a ghost town in the Mojave Desert region of California. Its approximate population is between four and eight persons; what remains of the town is owned by a private preservationist.

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NOTE: Portions of former Route 66 between Needles and Newberry Springs, including sections needed to reach Amboy, were damaged by a September 2014 storm. The road west to Ludlow reopened in January 2015, but to the east a section from Chambless to Essex is still out. The road should be open before summer 2105's peak season; in the meantime, Amboy can be accessed from Interstate 40 through Kelbaker Road. (November 2014)

Amboy is located on the Santa Fe Railroad line between Kingman, Arizona and Barstow, California. It was originally founded as one of an alphabetical series of railway outposts but trains no longer stop not even to deliver water to this tiny desert point. A few cinema stars have used private aircraft to reach a private landing strip in the area, as the town's deserted and remote location has been used in movie location shooting.

Most travellers, however, will arrive by car on what was once Route 66. The modern Interstate highway which bypassed US 66 does not go through (or near) Amboy, a key factor leading to the town's demise.


The Salt Ponds of Amboy at sunset



Roy's Café & Motel


There is currently no usable restaurant in Amboy. Snacks and canned/bottled drinks remain available at Roy's but the café's kitchen is closed.


The motel at Roy's, while still standing, is no longer functional, in poor and deteriorating condition. Sleeping in Amboy is therefore not an option at the present time.


A US post office appears to have operated in the town until 2011; there is no Internet at this site.

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