Amazonas (Venezuela)

Amazonas state is a huge state in southern Venezuela. The Amazonas State is located in southern Venezuela, where Bolivar state boundaries to the north, the Republic of Brazil, the state of Bolivar and Brazil to the east and the Republic of Colombia to the west. Its name is due to its geographical location, which corresponds to the Amazon region, which in one way or another, is composed of all South American countries, with the exception of Chile. We can say that this zone is perhaps the greatest lung of our planet, covered with forests and high rate of rainfall.


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Amazonas state is immense and conists mainly of unspoiled tropical rainforest. The total population, including indigenous settlements, is thought to be around 130,000. The natives of the region for about 17 ethnic groups, highlighting among them, the Yanomami, Guahibo, Piaroa and Yekuana, each with their language, religions, traditions and customs. Their handicraft are manifested in basketry, pottery, musical instruments, hunting and typical houses.

National parks and natural monuments occupy 34% of the state. The landscapes of savanna and forest, the presence of several rivers of clear water and black jumps and rapids, the table mountains and hills. Its forests are part of what has been called the "Green Lungs of the Planet" and is the most prodigious reserve of natural resources in the world. *Its rain forests are older than 75 million years and together with similar ecosystems along the equatorial belt green globe through Africa and Asia, interacts with the polar climate balancing the planet. At just 100 km2 of forest are 1500 species of plants other than flowers and 750 species of trees, 400 species of birds (1,800 in all of Amazonia), 150 species of mammals, 100 reptiles and 50 amphibians. A veritable "garden of Eden."



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There are few roads and most transport is by river or air.


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Malaria is prevalent in the area so precautions should be taken.

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