Amazônia National Park

Amazônia National Park is in the state of Para of Brazil. The easiest access to the park is from the nearby city of Itaituba.

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The Trans-Amazônia highway runs through the park. To get there, take a bus from Itaituba to Jacareacanga and ask the driver to let you off at the park entrance. Unfortunately though, the highway is paved as far as Itaituba but other parts are unpaved earth roads topped with gravel that deteriorate during the rainy season, November to April, and need much repair work each May and June. The park can be accessed from Santarém, Pará, which is at the confluence of the Tapajós with the Amazon River. Santarém has an airport. Any roads usually require four-wheel-drive vehicles and river transport is normally used in this region.


You must obtain permission from IBAMA to visit the park. They have an office in Itaituba.


There is a cabin near the park entrance with very basic accommodations for free. There is a kitchen there that visitors can use, but you should bring all food from outside the park, as there are no places to buy food in the park.

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