Alto Paraíso de Goiás

Couros River

Alto Paraíso de Goiás, often shortened to Alto Paraiso (Highland Paradise), is a city in the Brazilian state of Goias. It is the main gateway to the Chapada dos Veadeiros region.


Alto Paraíso is home to some 40 mystical/ philosophical/ religious communities (Daimists, Oshoists, Hare Krishna, Kardecists, Protestants, Buddhists and others). It is believed that the huge geological layer of quartz crystal underground makes this a region of the Planet that was chosen to receive enlightened beings, creators of the Age of Aquarius, and emanate positive vibrations. The parallel 14, which crosses Machu Picchu in Peru, also does so on Alto Paraíso, more precisely upon the Zen Garden (there is a small monument, full of stones and flowers, on the highway en route to Cavalcante), a beautiful scenery and stage to fantastic stories involving UFOs and ETs. On the road to São Jorge is the impressive Morro da Baleia (Mount Whale), a close second in mystic beauties and mysteries. Within the municipality are several of the best and most beautiful waterfalls in the country, especially in this sense the rivers Preto, São Miguel and Couros, tributaries of the mighty river Tocantins in Amazon Basin.

Get in

By plane

Most air travelers arriving at the Brasilia airport. There is a small domestic airport here, for small planes, but there are no regular air services.

By bus

The companies that make the route Brasilia-Chapada are Real Expresso e Santo Antônio.

By car

Get around

The city itself is very small and easy, a Main Avenue (Avenida Ary Valadão Filho) starts on the road and cuts through the whole of it. The Bus Station is two blocks to the right of Main Avenue and all the "buy", "eat", "drink", "stay safe" and half "sleep" options are either at Main Avenue, (at most) two blocks away of it, or close to Bus Station. It´s that simple.

There are a lot of waterfall options around Alto Paraiso (Loquinhas are the closest and coziest, Crystal River is close too, there is a hiking trail to Sertão Zen, a little harder, Couros and Macaco rivers require a 4WD vehicle), but the best ones are around Vila São Jorge (St. George Village) 36 km west, the gateway to the National Park. There are vans and little difficulty to hitchhike. The road is very scenic, half of it is paved already, but the dirt part can get a little annoying during the rainy season (October-April).



There are a lot more; local people will be happy to talk about it.


There is a New Age quality about Alto Paraiso, lots of people come there looking for Positive Vibration and alternative stuff. As a rule of thumb, "quiet" people stay here and "party" people stay at São Jorge.


Crystal souvenirs, hippie clothing and pinga de arnica (pinga: strong liquor, arnica: spicy vegetable with medicinal properties)

Moon Valley




Go next

If you don´t enter Alto Paraiso and keep on the road going north, you´ll end at Cavalcante(87 km) with another hundred waterfalls (try looking for Rei do Prata). If you go through Main Avenue all the way, you´ll end at Vila do Moinho (Mill Village, 10 km), home to Anjos e Arcanjos (Angels & Archangels waterfall). Both are worth the trip and both trips have very beautiful landscapes.

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