Al Jazira

Al Jazira is a region largely between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the north of Iraq.


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WARNING: Do NOT get in. It is an absolute war zone. The city and province are EXTREMELY dangerous for foreigners, as well as Kurds, Christians, etc. You will undoubtedly put your life at risk if you enter Al Jazira. Numerous traffic checks dot the highways, and in addition to being treated as a suspect for suspicious activity by the military, one runs the risk of being totally exposed if a full car search is conducted (which occurs frequently). Bullet holes dot buildings, carcasses of bombed vehicles are stacked along the highways.

When travelling to Iraqi Kurdistan, one MUST avoid this province. This must be made extremely clear with taxi drivers (who will not be too keen on travelling to Al Jazira themselves).

Note that a HUGE error can be made if a foreigner accepts a ride from someone travelling to Kirkuk or Baghdad-- people from these regions are desensitized in some respects, and will drive around Al Jazira (through its suburbs) to shave off a half hour of driving time (by not driving around the Mosul province).

You can realise that you're entering Al Jazira province by the flags at the checkpoints. Know the difference between Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan flags-- it might save your life.



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