Achziv is an idyllic, if sleepy, site on the Israeli North Coast. It is perfect for a relaxing weekend.


The Achziv National Park (sometimes called Akhziv) is a great way to spend an afternoon. The park's entrance fee, 55 NIS, includes access to the secluded beaches, nearby Crusader Castle, picnic areas, and restaurant - when it's open. This beach is known for its abundant sea life, including sea turtles during July and August when they come ashore to lay their eggs.

The Achziv National Park Beach is a must, but the sights along the coast are also worth the walk on the paved side road that runs north to south. You will see many fishermen along ridges of small water filled pools that give the illusion that they are standing on the water. These strange pool like formations house a lot of sea life worth taking a closer look at.

Rosh Hanikra, the stunning white chalk cliffs to the North, are a must if in the area

Achzivland. In the 70's Eli Avivi, an Israeli hipster, declared this piece of land next to the Achziv National Park an Independent nation. Avivi's micro-nation has not been officially recognized by the Israeli government, but he will stamp your passport if you enter through the foreboding fence that surrounds this tiny bit of land. Achzivland boasts is own private beach, a cheap hostel, and a museum.


Outside of the fabulous upscale Morgenfeld steak restaurant minutes from Achziv National Park, food is a little hard to come by this far north of the major cities. There are restaurants and grocery stores about 5 km south in Nahariya, and a snack stand and a restaurant the same distance north of Achziv in Rosh Hanikra. If traveling without your own transportation, bringing food with you would be wise as busses are infrequent and not always reliable.


The American Society for the Preservation of Nature in Israel has several "Field Schools" throughout Israel that not only offer classes on environmental protection and preservation, but great budget accommodations.

The Achziv field school, sometimes called the Western Galilee Field School, is a great option for budge travelers. This location would be particularly good for groups or families as most mini apartments come with bunk beds as well as multiple rooms and bathrooms. But smaller groups are accommodated as well. The common kitchen including stove and fridge are available for use. Contact Info: Tel: 972 4-952-2599 Email:

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