Akşehir is a city of Konya Province in the Lakes District.


Statue of Nasreddin Hoca, Akşehir's most famous resident

Dating back to the Hellenistic era when it was founded as Philomelion, Akşehir (meaning "White City") became an important city during the Seljuk era, as a center of Turco-Persian culture.

The city is best known as the home of Nasreddin Hoca or Mullah Nasruddin, a wise fool and Sufi sage famous for his folk wit. The city features in many of Hoca's stories, and holds a Hoca festival every year from July 5–10.

Get in

By bus

Buses run from the Konya bus station, and you may be able to catch a minibus/dolmuş from the center of Konya. It's possible that buses may also run to Isparta, Burdur, and Afyon, which are all nearby.

By train

Akşehir's train station, which lies about 2.5 km northeast of the town centre, is served by all trains which ply the rail route between Afyon and Konya. However, due to the massive railtrack renovations in northwestern Turkey, it is not currently possible to take a train all the way from Istanbul (and will remain so until at least 2014), and as such, besides Afyon, and Konya, the list of major towns from which a direct train ride to Akşehir is available is limited to Izmir, Manisa, and Uşak west of Afyon, Eskişehir, and Kütahya north of Afyon, and Karaman, and Adana beyond Konya to the south.


Tomb of Nasreddin Hoca


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