Aichi (愛知) is a prefecture in the Chubu region of Japan and was the host of Expo 2005.


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Tokoname Manekineko


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By plane

The new Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO), just south of Nagoya, is the main international gateway.

By train

The Tokaido Shinkansen passes through Toyohashi and Nagoya on its way from Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka.

Get around

Using train for transportation is common in Aichi. The major railways are Nagoya Tetsudo (名古屋鉄道), JR Tokai (JR東海), and Aichi Kannjyo Tetsudo (愛知環状鉄道). The JR Tokai line connects the major cities. For smaller towns, the Meitetsu and Aikan lines may prove convenient. The city of Nagoya has a subway.


SCMaglev and Railway Museum in Nagoya


Aichi is famous for its "miso(味噌) culture". Miso is one of Japan's traditional seasonings. (Usually Japanese eat miso as "miso soup". Of course people in Aichi eat miso soup, too.) People spread sweetened miso paste on fried pork, fried shrimp (it's not tempura), tofu and so on.

Other Aichi specialities worth a try are: Tebasaki - grilled chicken wings with a sweet, mildly spicy glaze and white sesame seeds. Eaten with the fingers, they are a popular and delicious izakaya delicacy.

Tenmusu - a local variety of onigiri, filled with prawn tenpura and a fruity brown sauce.

Kishimen - flat, ribbonlike wheat noodles, usually served cold with a dipping sauce, but sometimes hot in broth.

Aka-miso soup - Red miso soup rather than the standard white miso you get everywhere else in Japan.

Miso katsu - Fried pork cutlet (tonkatsu), but is topped with a miso based sauce.


Melon Soda is a popular drink in summer.

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