Aggressive dogs

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Pack of stray dogs at the Red square

Aggressive dogs are a common problem when travelling in places such as Asia, South America and some Eastern European countries like Romania. The dogs are often feral (and hence not used to taking commands from people) and may be running wild in packs, which can be extremely intimidating if you are confronted by one. The obvious precautions travel in groups, avoid areas where the dogs are, don't go out at night when they are most active, and carry a walking stick if you must go will reduce the risks but not eliminate them.

Such dogs are rarely rabid, but it is possible. Consider being vaccinated against rabies before travelling to such areas. See individual articles here for region-specific information and consult a physician (preferably one with expertise in travel medicine) for advice on vaccinations before you travel.



If you're unlucky enough to get attacked, there are a number of things you can do to minimize the damage.

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