Afula is medium-sized town in the Galilee region of northern Israel. It is the largest city in the Jezreel Valley and the capital of that region.

Get in

By bus or by taxi

you can use egged buses from Tel Aviv (825), Haifa (301), Jerusalem (953) and Tiberias (541, 840). From other cities in the valley (Migdal Ha'emek, Bet Shean, Nazareth) you can get to Afula by Superbus buses or by sherut (shared) taxis. Sherut taxis also available from Tel-Aviv, Haifa and Tiberias. Note that buses departing from Afula to bigger cities stops at 22:00.

Get around


Givaat Ha'more - "the hill of the instructor" - one of the mountains surrounding Jezreel Valley. Nice place for easy hike. It's highly recommended to go all the way up to the mountain viewpoint in order to watch the beautiful landscape from above.You can go up with Kavim buses from Afula (Lines 3, 14, 2 bus ticket costs 4.40 ILS for a single ride ticket or 6.70 ILS for a ticket for the whole day. For the second option - a purchase of Rav Kav card from one of the central bus stations across the country in advanced is required) Click here for more information about Givaat Hamore

Daily tours - You can go out of Afula for daily tours in Tel Meggido (archeological site. 10 minutes drive), Mount Tabor (Holy place for Christians. 10 minutes drive) and many others.

Hall of Culture (Hei'hal Ha'Tarbut) - Located in the center of the city. Here you can watch theater shows, opera and films.

The Art Gallery - Located in the center of the city, in the same building as the hall of culture. here you can enjoy the works of the local artists.


G - BA'EMEK (AKA Ha'Mitham) - is a large shopping center located near the road from down town Afula to Givaat Ha'more. To get there you can use all of the busses from Afula to Givaat Ha'more or to Afula Elite (Upper Afula) - 10, 3, 2, 9, 14 and 13 (Bus ticket costs 3.80 NIS or 5.80 NIS for all day). In this large and modern shopping center you will find Cafes, restaurants, clothing shops and many other shops.



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Hadera  SW  NE  Tiberias

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