Afton is a city in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota. It lies nearly on the banks of the Saint Croix River, which forms the natural eastern border between Minnesota and Wisconsin.


Afton was originally settled in 1837 by a French-Canadian voyageur. In the following decades Afton would become the home for a large concentration of Swedes and Germans. Today, Afton serves as one of the last stops in Minnesota before a traveler plunges into the harsh beauty of the Wisconsin countryside. It is a lovely community with nearly 3,000 fine individuals living inside the city limits.

Get in

From the capital city of Saint Paul potential visitors can easily reach Afton by traveling nine miles east on Interstate 94 before heading south on Minnesota State Highway 95, which is also known as Saint Croix Trail. The town of Afton lies directly in the path of this road and is no more than three miles south of the Interstate 94 exit/entrance.

Get around

The downtown area of Afton is compact enough to be easily traversable on foot. Still, as there is next to nothing in the public transit department access to a car is, like most of the United States, somewhat of a necessity. The only other option is to perhaps strap-on some Lance Armstrong spandex, brush the dust off your bicycle and take to the road. You will not be alone.







The closest public library would be the Valley Branch Library which is located just north of Afton in neighboring Lakeland.

Stay Safe

Afton is perhaps one of the safest and most benign communities that you will ever visit -with non-existent levels of violent crime and a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is exciting and refreshing. The most significant threat to public safety comes from the high level of deer that are native to the surrounding forests. It is not uncommon to have a nighttime drive interrupted by a shocking jolt of adrenaline due to these impish mammals suddenly appearing on the side of darkened road. Constant vigilance is strongly suggested during the night in order to avoid a costly accident.

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