Adana is in Mediterranean Turkey.


Ziyapaşa Caddesi in central Adana

Lying a fair distance away from the Mediterranean coast, in the centre of huge Cilician Plains and on the banks of Seyhan River, Adana is the fifth most populous city in Turkey with a population of over 1.5 million. It's not much known as a tourism destination, though, especially when compared with its southern and western neighbours. However, that being said there are a number of sites of interest in the surrounding countryside.

Modern Adana consists of two quite separate sections: cramped old city centre and newer, mostly high-rise suburbs overlooking the Seyhan dam to north of the old centre, usually called Kuzey Adana or Yeni Adana (i.e. "North Adana" or "New Adana", respectively).

Despite its location Adana is a remarkably modern and Western city. This is in large part due to the presence of a NATO base in Incirlik, which provides the city with an unusually large population of Westerners, and foreign-educated Turks. Adana is also a destination for dental tourism, owing to a large number of cheap, effective, English-speaking dentists in the area.

Get in

By air

Flights arrive at the Adana Sakirpasa Airport (IATA: ADA) located in the city outskirts. It's a fairly short cab ride to city center (costing about 20 lira) and is served frequently by dolmuş.

By bus

As with the rest of the country, another common way of getting here is to use the buses. They arrive here frequently from Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, and several other cities around Turkey. Journey time from Istanbul is around twelve hours, fares starting at 50 TL. Inter-city bus companies includes Varan , Ulusoy , and Metro . Make sure you get off at the right station as most buses also stop at a station in the suburbs, about 4 km west of city centre. Getting off at the wrong station may be frustrating, but not an disaster since a local bus connects them. The bus station in city centre lies close to the Hilton hotel.

By train

Trains are a slightly slower way of reaching places than buses, and for this reason Turkish people will almost always advice against trains for long-distance travel. However trains are cheaper, and arguably much more comfortable than buses, as Pullman cars have larger seats and tend to be relatively empty, allowing travelers to have two seats to themselves, as bathrooms are available, and as on overnight trains sleeping cars are an option, and trains usually have a dining car.

There are currently two overnight trains: the İçanadolu Mavi Tren departs Haydarpaşa station in Istanbul nightly at 11:50PM, arriving in Adana the next evening around 6:40PM, and stops in Eskişehir, Konya, and Karaman. Journey time is just about 19 hours. Ankara is also served by an over-night sleeper named Çukurova Mavi Tren traveling via Kayseri and taking around 12 hours (about 4-5 hours to Kayseri). However, a new high-speed service is being built and travel time from the capital Ankara will be greatly reduced in the near future. Additionally, there is a daytime train (the Toros Ekspresi) from Eskişehir via Afyon and Konya.

As for international connections, it is no longer possible to travel here from Syria as the once-weekly train from Aleppo is now halted indefinitely.

By car

Driving to Adana is an option; from Ankara, the national capital, there is highway all the way (European road number: E90) but distances are long. The motorway O-21 will connect the two cities, but it doesn't reach any further north from Niğde for the time being. However, even if there is no motorway for about half of the route from Ankara, the current highway has separated directions all along it, anyway. Once you have passed the pass of Cilician Gates (Gülek Boğazı) through the Taurus Mountains into the Cilician Plains, take O-51 eastwards.

Get around





Adana has four malls (Optimum, Galleria, M1 and Carrefour). Optimum Outlet and M1 Shopping Centre are the largest. Optimum was opened in mid 2011 and is the newest. M1 and Optimum share many of the same stores where you can find almost all of the world class brands. (Real Hypermarket, Praktiker, Media Markt, Zara, Mudo City, Cinebonus, Tepe Home, Toys R'Us, Gap, US Polo)





Adana's telephone code is (+90) 322.

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Some of the towns and sights around Adana include:

Routes through Adana

Mersin Tarsus  W  E  Gaziantep Şanlıurfa
Ankara Aksaray  N  E  Gaziantep Şanlıurfa

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