A seaside stroll in Helsinki

This article is an itinerary.

A seaside stroll in Helsinki is an easy half-day walk along Helsinki's west coast.


Geese enjoying a chilly summer day at Hietaniemi Beach

This stroll past some of Helsinki's sights is about 7 km from end to end and can be completed easily in a morning or afternoon. Aside from the Sibelius Monument and Seurasaari Open-Air Museum, there are few tourists about on most of the trail, and it offers a slice of Finnish nature and city life a very short hop away from the city. A sunny summer day is optimal, but a warm late spring or early autumn day has its attractions, and parts of it may even be accessible by ski in winter.


No preparation necessary, everything you'd need can be picked up from kiosks and cafes along the way. You don't really even need a map, as the trail follows the coast all the way.

Get in

Here are three points along the walk easily accessible by public transport.


Our walk starts at   Ruoholahti metro station, smack dab in one of Helsinki's newer districts, full of modern apartments and anonymous office buildings. Unless you want to pack a picnic at the S-Market or have a fast-food lunch before setting off, there's no need to spend any time here take the underpass under the highway and wind your way past the blue office buildings to the start of the footpath.

Lapinlahti Bay, frozen over in winter
Old stable in Seurasaari

Stay safe

The main danger is mercenary squirrels in Seurasaari. Don't carry open containers of food, even in your backpack, since these little thieves won't hesitate to jump in to get to it!

In summer, you can spot quite a few berries along the path. E.g. raspberries and red currants are easily identifiable and safe to eat, although Finns tend to shun those right next to the path odds are they've been "watered" by dogs. Steer clear of anything you're not sure of though.

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