Žabljak is small town in northern Montenegro, and is the centre of Montenegro's winter tourism.

Crno jezero and the town of Žabljak seen from the top of Bobotov Kuk
Zabljak view
Žablak from Savin Kuk


Žabljak is largest town on Mt Durmitor, a high mountain in northern Montenegro (2,522 m). Žabljak is the town at the highest elevation in the Balkans, at 1,450 m above sea level. Although being a centre of the district of the same name, it is a small town of some 2,000 inhabitants. The town of Žabljak and the whole municipality with Durmitor, Sinjavina, and Tara Canyon, make up a very interesting tourist destination.

The town of Zabljak does not offer much beyond a handful of restaurants and cafes. A one day visit to Zabljak is sufficient for moderate outdoor enthusiasts that simply want to see the Tara Canyon and Black Lake.

Get in

By plane

Podgorica, and its international airport, are some 170 km away. There are several daily flights from Belgrade. There are regular flights from Budapest, Zurich, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Istanbul.

By taxi

Travelers can hire a direct taxi transfer from Podgorica airport to Zabjlak for 70 Euro. Travel time is approximately 2 hrs and can be reserved in advance through taxi companies such as Taxi Montenegro. A taxi is a wise option for travel groups of 2+ since bus timetables are not always convenient.

By bus

Bus schedule as of May 2014:

Žabljak-Niksic-Podgorica: 11:45-13:30-14:30; 15:30-15:00-16:12; 18:00-20:20-21:45

Žabljak-Podgorica: 05:40-07:15; 07:20-09:40

Žabljak-Niksic: 07:15-09:00; 11:40-12:30; 16:10-17:45; 17:00-18:25

Žabljak-Pljevlja: 08:30-10:00; 11:00-12:20; 12:30-13:40; 14:00-15:15; 14:45-16:00; 17:10-18:00; 19:00-20:40

Žabljak-Belgrade: 14:00-23:30 (every second day)

Žabljak-Belgrade-Novi Sad-Sombor: 11:00-20:00-21:20-23:10.

Arrivals to Žabljak:

Podgorica-Niksic-Žabljak: 05:45-07:00-08:30; 13:50-15:00-17:00; 15:57-17:20-19:00; 16:50-18:00-19:30

Podgorica-Žabljak: 12:00-14:30; 14:38-17:00

Niksic-Žabljak: 07:00-08:30; 09:45-11:15; 11:00-12:30; 11:50-13:30; 15:00-17:30; 16:20-19:40; 18:00-20:15

Pljevlja-Žabljak: 03:40-04:30; 06:45-08:50; 10:00-11:30; 15:15-16:30; 15:30-17:00

Belgrade-Pljevlja-Žabljak: 23:30-06:45-08:50

Sombor-Novi Sad-Belgrade-Pljevlja-Žabljak: 04:45-06:30-08:00-15:15-17:00

It will take three hours to get to Nikšić and if continued to Podgorica - one extra hour.

As of September 2014, there are two buses to Kotor, via Niksic. One bus leaves at 11:30, the other leaves at 17:50 p.m. It is best to check the bus schedule upon arrival to Zabjlak to verify current bus timetables.

By car

You can get to Žabljak either by departing the road from the coast to Serbia at Mojkovac or take the route Podgorica - Šavnik - Žabljak, the first route being the higher quality road. Either way, those are curvy, mountainous roads that don't permit high speeds and require additional caution. During the winter, when whole area is covered with snow, those unfamiliar with roads should let someone more experienced drive them to Žabljak. Driving in these conditions might be a nightmare for someone used to autobahns, but is a piece of cake for local bus, minibus, or taxi drivers.

By train

The nearest railway station is in Mojkovac 71km far away from Zabljak, and it's on the Belgrade-Bar railway line.

Other nearby train stations: Niksic, Podgorica, Prijepolje(Serbia)

Get around

Žabljak is a very small town, so everything is within walking distance. You can get to some of the lakes around the town only by foot. However, some chairlifts, skiing pistes, etc., are reachable only by car.



Hiking routes


Žabljak is not really a shopping resort. It is, however, the right place to buy a genuine Montenegrin healthy food from the locals.


Žabljak has some excellent national cuisine restaurants. Notably, there is "Katun" restaurant on the very shore of Crno Jezero (temporarily closed in 2014),, "MB" motel-restaurant, and "Momčilov grad" on the Štuoc...

Cold hors d'ouevres include the famous njeguški pršut (smoked ham) and njeguški cheese, pljevaljski cheese, mushrooms, donuts and dried bleak. The main courses specific for the northern mountainous region are boiled lamb, lamb cooked in milk, cicvara in fresh milk cream (buttered corn porridge), boiled potatoes with cheese and fresh cream (kajmak).

It might be a good idea to make an order and reserve seats a few hours in advance, as restaurants are small and may be crowded and it might take some time to prepare the courses in traditional way.


Montenegrin quality wine is a must-try. The best known Montenegrin wines are the premium "Vranac", "Pro Corde", "Krstač", "Cabernet", "Chardonnay" and the famous home made Crmničko red wine.

Grape brandy (rakija) "Montenegrin loza", "Prvijenac", "Kruna" or home made grape brandy (lozova rakija, lozovaca) is also great.


There are three major hotels in Žabljak: Planinka, Žabljak, and Durmitor. Besides these, there are many small motels (MB, Bjeloor, etc.) in and around town, not to mention that almost every local resident is willing to rent a room at affordable price. Just look for "Rooms, Sobe" sign; however take into account that not all owners are available right on spot and so you might need to call them to see the property (phone numbers are usually mentioned on their property signs).

Accommodation in Žabljak is abundant, except around New Year's Eve, when the place is packed.

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