İzmit is a big and a heavily industrialized city in Marmara Region, Turkey, located east of Istanbul, at the very en of the sword-like Gulf of İzmit, the long indentation of the Sea of Marmara towards the east. İzmit is the capital of the Kocaeli Province.

Not to be confused with Izmir, spelled as İzmir in Turkish, which is the third largest city in Turkey and located on the shore of Aegean Sea..



Nicomedes I of Bithynia, the ancient kingdom that encompassed the lands east of the Sea of Marmara, founded his capital on the site of the Greek colony of Astakos ("lobster") in 264 BC, naming it after himself, Nicomedia. Under the "Tetrarchy" ("four rulers") system between 293 and 313 CE, Nicomedia became the eastern (and the most senior) capital of the Roman Empire. It kept this status until Constantine the Great moved the imperial capital to nearby Byzantium (renamed to Constantinople, modern Istanbul) in 330. The Ottomans took the city in 1337, calling it at first İznikmid, a variation of its original name, and eventually shortening this to İzmit.

Get in

By train

Several daily regional expresses connect İzmit with nearby Istanbul. The average price is about TL 5.50/person. You can also book and buy a seat for long distance trains that leave Istanbul’s Asian station for other (Asian) destinations. The cheapest ticket for such a train is TL 3.75/person, the rate for Doğu Express. The journey takes about 2 hours between Istanbul and İzmit by rail.

By car

Both highways numbered D100 and O-4/E80 (toll-way) which connect Istanbul and Ankara, two biggest cities of Turkey, pass through or by the city. A drive from Istanbul should take no more than one hour, especially on the O-4/E80 which is of a better quality and avoids towns which D100 traverses all the way along.

By coach

The easiest way to arrive to Izmit is probably by coach. Multiple private coach (bus) companies schedule regular journeys from Istanbul's two major bus terminals (Harem Otogar on the Asian side, and Esenler Otogar on the European side). Efe Tur and Izmit Tur (the two main coach companies operating in Izmit) run buses daily every 15–20 minutes from both bus terminals starting at 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM. The fair is 10.00 TL from the Harem bus terminal, or 12.00 TL from the Esenler bus terminal.

Efe Tur and Izmit Tur will generally drop off passengers arriving from Istanbul in Izmit's city center, rather than Izmit's main bus terminal.

Izmit's bus terminal is located in the Yahyakaptan neighborhood, which is approx. 2 km away from the city center. There are many mini-buses (dolmus) running from Izmit's main bus terminal to the city center. In addition, the major bus liens (Efe Tur and Izmit Tur) offer free shuttle services to the main neighborhoods around Izmit.

It is also possible to travel to or from any major city in Turkey from Izmit's main bus terminal.


The clock tower


Telephone code of İzmit is 262 (+90 262 when calling from out of Turkey).

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Routes through Izmit

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