Not to be confused with Åland, a group of islands in the northern Baltic Sea, associated with Finland.

Öland is Sweden's second largest island, only Gotland is larger and of more importance. It lies in the Baltic Sea just off the coast of Småland, connected to the mainland by a bridge from Kalmar.


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Öland is rather sparsely populated, with most of the land consisting of farm land or in the north woods.


While English is widely known by most Swedes, the level of English spoken in the country side (including Öland) is noticeably lower than, for example, the level of English spoken in Stockholm.

Observe that most tourist information signs will be in Swedish, English, German and in rare cases Dutch and/or French.

Get in

By plane or train

The nearest airport and railway is in Kalmar, see that page.

By car or bus

You get in by car or bus (Kalmar Länstrafik) from Kalmar over the Ölandsbron bridge.

By ferry

In summertime, there's a ferry from Kalmar to Färjestaden and back, on which you can bring your bike. It runs from mid-April to mid-August, from around seven in the morning until six in the evening during weekdays. Check Ressel Rederi for current schedule. It costs SEK50 for adults and takes about half an hour.

Get around

Public transport is limited. There is no railway on Öland. and the bus routes and bus departures are relatively few, even though the situation gets a lot better during the tourist season from the beginning of June to the middle of August. Taking the bus, however, remains the most convenient way to get around on the island, since they cover most of the island and can get you within biking distance of interesting sights and beautiful beaches. Bringing a bike would be great and convenient, as passengers are allowed to bring bikes on the buses. It's also the best way to experience the unique landscape of Öland. There are very nice biking trails along the long coast of Öland.

See KLT for bus connections from Kalmar and inside Öland.


Eketorp fortress at Alvaret (the Southern Agricultural Landscape)



Kroppkaka is a Småland/Öland speciality. Smoked fish is another one. Berries are usually abundant throughout the summer and early autumn. Mushrooms are plentiful in autumn.


The island doesn't have much to offer in the nightlife department but if you head into the larger towns, e.g. Borgholm (in particular), Färjestaden and Mörbylånga you will see a few nice restaurants and bars. The Strand Hotel in Borgholm has a great nightclub in the summer.

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