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Volunteering with SOS Children

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“Volunteering matters because volunteers have the power to change lives. They build social cohesion, enhance civic participation, mitigate conflict and contribute to a society’s well-being.” (UN Volunteers, 2011)

Volunteerism is acknowledged as a powerful force for change; a little of your time can make a big difference. Through volunteering for our charity in the UK your actions help raise awareness and funds for our projects around the world.

Volunteering gives you an opportunity to put your expertise and experience to the test, learn new skills, meet some great people and have your work make a difference.

Overseas volunteers

SOS Children does not send volunteers abroad to work in our Children's Villages. We prefer to use local staff to make use of local knowledge and resources. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, it is good for the children we care for to be looked after by people who can offer a long-term commitment, which volunteers rarely can. This ensures stability in the lives of the children we care for, and that they are surrounded by people who speak their own language and are familiar with their culture.

Secondly, by employing local staff we also make a contribution to the local economy. Some exceptions are made at the discretion of SOS Children locally in cases where people can offer specialist skills: you will need to contact the national office directly concerning this.

However you can can volunteer for SOS Children in the following roles:

School Speakers - London and Scotland

As part of our schools programme we offer visits to schools across the UK to teach young people about children's lives around the world. If you have experience of teaching or working with children and are a confident public speaker why not become an SOS Children School Speaker? We are currently looking for School Speakers in London and Scotland, but are always interested in hearing from pro-active volunteers with their own school contacts elsewhere as well.  

Spread the word

Small actions can have a lasting impact. Have a look at the ways you can raise awareness of our work.