SOS Schools in Vietnam

SOS Nursery School Ben Tre:

Update from 2008:

The enrollment of kids has favourable conditions so the nursery school always opens 6 classes with about 190 kids per year. Kids are classified in different age ranges to be offered different classes accordingly.

The personal hygiene is well carried out for them; 100% of kids are given health check and recorded in periodical growth diagrams.
The food hygiene and safety is strengthened; the nutrition need for children is ensured. The nursery school has received the decision recognising the title “kitchen with standards on food hygiene and safety”.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Ben Tre

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School at Ben Tre opened in 2001.  The school has over 850 pupils, 360 in primary and 500 in secondary taught in 24 classes. In addition there is an SOS Nursery School for 200 children in six classes.

SOS Nursery School Ca Mau

The nursery school has been organising the education reform for 3 age ranges; focal points are:SOS School Ca Mau Vietnam

  • Implementing the task of school year named “creating friendly environment”, giving opportunities for children to be motivated in learning and playing
  • Educating children to have the sense of self-service, environment protection
  • Educating children about nutrition, food hygiene and safety, traffic safety, music, etc
  • Building a good plan for implementation of tasks of the school year

SOS Primary and Secondary School Ca Mau

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School at Ca Mau opened in 1997. There are about 880 pupils, 370 in primary and 510 in secondary. 

SOS Nursery School Da Lat

The teachers at the nursery school follow the curriculum required by the education department. 100% of the teachers obey the rules and regulations. The result of the check of the nursery school at the end of December was good. All the six classes were good and the school was good too. The percentage of the good children was 96.8% and the percentage of healthy children was 60%.

The nutrition in each meal and at the nursery school is guaranteed. Safe food is also paid much attention to. The result of the recent medical check-up showed that the percentage of healthy children at level A is 90.8% and at level B is 9.2%.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Da Lat

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School opened in 1993 for preimary school children and then exrtended in 1994 for secondary school children. The school at Da Lat has nearly 1,100 pupils, 470 in primary and 610 in secondary.




SOS Nursery School Da Nang SOS Nursery School Da Nang Vietnam

In Teaching the nursery school has carried out the education reform and under the instruction of the education branch. Besides, the nursery school has participated in other activities such as:

  •    Decorate classrooms inside and outside in order to make the nursery school more beautiful and holding awareness activities about fostering and educating children
  • Take part in the competitions of I.T.
  • Build the model periods using new methods in the attendance of the whole nursery school teachers of district
    • About Fostering:
      • Meals have always been prepared according to menu plan.
      • Be already examined by the Educational Department.
      • Assure food sanitary.
      • Have the all-sided medical examination for all children at the end of the academic year 2006-2007 and at the beginning of 20076-2008.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Da Nang

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School at Da Nang opened in 1996. The school has about 840 pupils, 210 in primary and 630 in secondary.

Child sponsorship Dong Hoi, VietnamSOS Nursery School Dong Hoi

The SOS Nursery School Dong Hoi has been a reliable address to parents in locality after two years of operation. The SOS Nursery School has applied many solutions to maintain and develop number of children.

Children education and care have been effectively carried out. A series of programmes have been launched, namely, to make lovely toys and tools, to create clean-green-nice environment; to unify relation between children’s family and community village. The nursery school has become a friendly place where small children in village can make friends with outside ones. It is a foundation to help our children integrate. In the school year of 2008-2009, the nursery school has welcomed 173 children, of which 14 ones from our village.

SOS Nursery School Go Vap

During past school year the school well securing diet mode for children, securing food safety hygiene, 100% children are fine. The new mode of education is fruitful under teaching method assessed by Go Vap District education department. The school teacher team have worked actively to make prestige forward student’s parents.

Total: 15 teachers among them 1 district level excellent teacher (Miss Thanh Van) school level excellent teacher: 9

SOS Primary and Secondary School Go Vap

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School opened in 1993, initially as a primary school . It was then extended to take in secondary school pupils. The school has nearly 1,100 pupils, 410 in primary and 680 in secondary.





SOS Nursery School Hai PhongSOS Nursery School Hai Phong Vietnam

In 2008 – 2009 school year, the nursery school  at Hai Phong has 6 classes with 215 children (107 boys + 108 girls), 6 of them are SOS children. Teachers are enthusiastic and more experience in feeding and teaching, unite and have responsibility in their work day after day; they are trusted by children’s parents and high appreciated by pre-school department. The teachers and cooks get many titles at city and district level. 

SOS Primary and Secondary School Hai Phong

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School opened in 2000. The school has over 1,200 pupils, 500 in primary and 770 in secondary.

SOS Nursery School Mai Dich/Hanoi

Teachers have made kids’ lunch according to the weekly and seasonal menu. All the children were examined twice a year, weighed four times a year; Most of the children have the health-checking book. The school has always been in coordination with the Local Health Centre for disease prevention and vaccination. Therefore, the number SOS Nursery School Hanoi Vietnamof mal-nutritious kids was reduced.

All the classes at Mai Dich are carried out with nutrition in mind. The teachers have made great efforts to make meals with good quality and enough quantity, following regulations. The weekly menu is strictly followed and they often save the food samples. The criteria of safe and clean food are kept together with the good condition of study room and dining room.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Mai Dich/Hanoi


The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School opened in 1994. There are more than 800 pupils , 340 in primary and 470 in secondary in 24 classes.

SOS Nursery School Nha Trang

  • About nutrition and children’s health:
  • Thank to sufficient and changeable meals, the malnutrition rate decreased from 6.8% to 2.5% in the end of the school year 2007-2008.100% children took the general health check organised twice a year. 100% children’s had health check by graph.
  • Due to the changeable weather in this year, some children caught normal diseases. But there was no epidemic case happening for the good cooperation between nurses and parents in preventing it.
  • About teaching and learning programme:
  • All nursery school nurses enthusiastically registered the competition of good teaching periods, improved their professional skills and constantly updated knowledge following the new curriculum.
  • Almost of children carried out well the studying programme. In the academic year 2007-2008, the results are as followed: Good: 71.7%; Fair: 24.4%; Average: 4.5%.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Nha Trang

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School at Nha Trang opened in 2002. The school has over 800 pupils, 350 in primary and 500 in secondary.




SOS Nursery School Than Hoa

Generally, the school year 2007 -2008, the nursery school successfully completed all duties:

  • Restrict following the educational policy of the nursery school
  • Completing timely all reports between the SOS Children's Village Than Hoa & the SOS Nursery School, the nursery school & the Department of Education
  • All teachers and other co-workers completed well their duties, working and living basing on the spirit of solidarity
  • Combining well with kids’ parents and receiving the strong support from kids’ parents’

SOS Nursery School Viet TriSOS School Viet Tri Vietnam

The school carries out the programme content of ministry of education and training issued well. Changing the teaching methods frequently aims to help the kids with acquiring fast the programme content, ensuring the all parts of children’s development.

The school ensures nutrient regulation that is enough for the kids through daily food ration, in addition to that is to keep a close watch on the development of the kids.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Viet Tri

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School at Viet Tri opened in 2000. There are over 640 pupils, 150 in primary and 490 in secondary.

SOS Nursery School Vinh

In the summer of 2008, the school at Vinh organised seriously the learning and living regimes for children. Coming in the new school year, the school has implemented the new education programme issued by the Ministry of Education and Training, and also sent teachers to participate several workshops.

In terms of nutrition and health care: the school continues importing high quality food with a view to ensuring food hygiene and safety. Nutrition for children has been followed strictly the rate defined by the pre-school branch. Children's weight was followed up and showed on the health diagram so that children's parents can follow their children's state of health.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Vinh

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School opened in 1997. The school has over 1200 pupils, 350 in primary and 910 in secondary.