Aids Orphans in The Gambia

Children from Basse, Gambia

The Gambia, on the Atlantic coast of north-west Africa, is the smallest country in Africa - one-fifth of the size of Wales - and one of its poorest. The Gambia has a relatively low incidence of HIV/AIDS - just over 1% of the adult population. The number of AIDS orphans is also low - less than 5% of all orphans. There is still a culture of silence surrounding HIV/AIDS which needs to be overcome.

Towards that end, SOS Children runs awareness and education campaigns in its schools and works to keep the relatively low level of the incidence of HIV/AIDS. Through the SOS Mother and Child Clinic, SOS Children participates fully in the national HIV/AIDS activity in diagnosis, treatment of both acute and chronic cases, especially to prevent the transmission of the virus by infected pregnant women to their unborn babies.

If you interested in helping the situation in the Gambia you might like to consider how to sponsor a child in the Gambia.