Child Sponsorship background from Tema, Ghana

Child from Tema, GhanaSOS Children's Village Tema

In 1971, SOS Children's Villages was given a large plot of land in Tema, an industrial port city about 35 km from the capital, Accra, in order to build an SOS Children's Village and various ancillary facilities.  When it was opened in 1974, the SOS Children's Village Tema consisted of five family houses for only 20 children.  In the course of time, it was continuously enlarged and today it comprises 15 family houses, a Village Director’s house, accommodation for SOS aunts (SOS aunts take care of the children when SOS mothers are on leave), a co-worker’s house, a guest house, a sports field and a playground.

Other SOS Projects in Tema

The SOS Nursery School, which is attended by 180 children from the SOS Children’s Village and the neighbouring community, comprises six classes, one classroom for special education, one classroom for Montessori education, one classroom for gym lessons, a playground and an administration room.  As soon as the youths reach the age of about 15, they move to rented youth communities where they are taken care of by a youth leader.  Being admitted to an SOS Youth Community means taking responsibility for oneself and therefore making a big step towards independence. Being fully aware of this, SOS mothers, the Village Director and a psychologist prepare them carefully for that change. Usually, youths stay up to four years in an SOS Youth Facility.  They may stay longer, however, if they are looking for work, completing professional training or studying at a university.

Through the years, several ancillary facilities have been added to the SOS Children’s Village Tema.  In 1978, the SOS Primary School, which consists of ten classrooms, was opened.  The classroom for special education, the school library, the music room, the multipurpose hall, the sports ground and the administration are used together with the SOS Secondary School, which started operating in 1986.  The two schools are providing 720 students with an education at the moment.

The SOS International College comprises 15 classrooms, six special laboratories for science, languages and computer lessons, an audio & video room, a library, a school canteen with a dining hall, an administration and service area with a small clinic, a multipurpose hall with a gym and a swimming pool.  The 260 students, educators and teachers are also accommodated on the premises.

The SOS Medical Centre offers medical services to people from the SOS facilities and from the neighbouring community. It includes one room for medical treatment, one consultation room, a department for the treatment of infectious and non-infectious diseases (two rooms with four beds each), a pharmacy, a reception, a waiting room, and sanitary facilities.  About 1,500 patients receive medical treatment in the SOS Medical Centre every year.

The SOS Vocational Training Centre consists of nine classrooms for commercial training, office and IT skills, dressmaking and home economics.  Products from the dressmaking department are sold in a small shop.  About 200 trainees benefit from the courses offered in the SOS Vocational Training Centre.

The SOS Social Centre offers the following services: family strengthening programmes and HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, assistance to HIV/AIDS affected persons including the provision of foodstuff, medication, school scholarships, and support with the setting-up of self-help projects.

At the SOS Day Care Centre, priority is given to people whose circumstances are particularly difficult, including single mothers, displaced families and families living below the poverty line.

Background to Tema

East of the capital Accra, Tema is a city on the Atlantic Ocean coast of Ghana, with a population of over 200,000.  Until 1961, it was a small fishing village, but after the construction of a large harbour, it is now the country's biggest sea port.