SOS Schools in Sudan

In Sudan, nearly a fifth of young girls aged 15-24 are unable to read and write.

SOS Primary School Umbada Sudan

In Sudan, there is currently one SOS Nursery and four SOS Schools. These facilities provide education to children from SOS Villages and from the wider community. Staff members are well trained and the resources available to students are of a high standard.  Below you can find an overview on the SOS Children education projects.

Khartoum : SOS Schools

The SOS Nursery at Khartoum has around 40 children, three-quarters of whom come from the SOS village and the remainder from the local community.

  • As well as receiving academic tuition, children take part in social and cultural activities, sports and religious education. Each child is asked to produce a plan of their goals and they are encouraged to stand at the front of the class and share this with their teacher.
  • The nursery holds a big ceremony when children graduate and this is often attended by top government officials, as well as by staff and parents.

There are four SOS Primary Schools in Khartoum – a girls and boys school located at Arkaweit (with around 860 children) and a girls and boys school at Ombeda (with around 1,760 children).

  • Pupils at both sets of schools gain excellent results in their final exams (with pass rates around 70 per cent).
  • Celebrations are held to congratulate the children on their results.