Sponsor Africa with SOS Children

Family from Makalle, EthiopiaSponsor Africa allows you to become a substantial supporter of our work in Africa. It offers the opportunity to donate £100 or more every month to make a lasting difference to the lives of children across the continent.

Sponsor Africa is for you if…

  • You wish to become a substantial supporter of our work in Africa.
  • You want to make a lasting commitment to the lives of African children.
  • You would like to allow us the freedom to direct your donation to the place of greatest need.

Sponsor Africa

Why we need your help

Many children in Africa face a childhood blighted by poverty, with little access to healthcare, education and the stability a childhood deserves.

We work in many African countries, from those which receive considerable media coverage to those often neglected in the public conversation about poverty in Africa. Children in these countries still need our help, and in many places we have worked for decades, caring for generations of children.

By choosing to 'Sponsor Africa', you are giving us the opportunity to help children in the places which need the most help. You are helping to make growing up in Africa a privilege not a curse.

Boy from Kakiri, Uganda, Drawing and Smiling

How we will spend your money

Money given to sponsor our work in Africa is used to help families across the continent wherever need is greatest.

Your donation will help a wide range of projects, from emergency relief, medical support and education to basic needs such as food and shelter. You will also help the many AIDS orphans we support.

These funds play a vital role in filling in the gaps to make sure all our work is adequately funded.

The future for Africa

We believe that Africa can shake off the problems which have made its development so very difficult. The last fifty years have seen dramatic improvements for those living in South America, yet half a century ago few would have believed this was possible.

What seems certain is that ‘big aid’ government-to-government payments are unlikely to be a major part of the solution. We believe that the best way to achieve large-scale change is for many people each to give a little. By targeting funds locally, we can help children achieve independence and bring about generational change.

If you are interested in learning how a large charity that works across Africa operates, see AIDS Africa projects.