SOS Schools in South Africa

In South Africa, around ten per cent of young children are not enrolled in primary education.

SOS Nursery School Mthatha South AfricaIn South Africa, there are currently seven SOS Nurseries and one SOS School. These facilities provide education to children from SOS Villages and from the wider community. Staff members are well trained and the resources available to students are of a high standard.  Below you can find an overview on the SOS Children education projects.

Emilhe's Story

Emihle is nine and attends the SOS Primary School in Mthatha. Emihle enjoys dancing and wants to be a model when she’s older. Her SOS mother says she is always smiling and full of joy. When asked about her classes, Emihle says ‘I had a nice day at school and especially enjoyed the reading’.

Cape Town: SOS Schools

The SOS Nursery at Cape Town has around 80 children, around a fifth of whom come from the SOS village and the remainder from the local community.

  • As well as the usual kinds of activities and classes for the children, the nursery also provides an aftercare facility and occupational therapy sessions for children with problems to overcome.
  • Children attend weekly swimming sessions to develop their swimming and water safety awareness.

Ennerdale : SOS Schools

The SOS Nursery at Ennerdale has around 75 children, over half of whom come through the SOS Family Strengthening Programme.

  • Children at the nursery enjoy a wide range of activities, both indoors and outside, where they have play equipment and a sandpit.
  • Each year, children enjoy taking part in the annual sports day and the school also holds a concert and graduation ceremony for year five leavers. The children are also taken on visits out, such as to the local library and on special outings, such as to Rietvlei Farm.

SOS Nursery School Cape Town South AfricaMamelodi : SOS Schools

The SOS Nursery at Mamelodi began operating with its full capacity in 2008, with many pupils coming through the SOS Family Strengthening Programme which provides scholarship places.

  • Around sixty per cent of children at the nursery come from non-fee paying families.
  • Each year, the children are taken out on three or four trips, depending on what can be afforded by the school.

Mthatha : SOS Schools

The SOS Nursery at Mthatha has the capacity to take 125 children, though in some years the school has around 100. The nursery has also helped establish five Educare centres in the surrounding communities, providing them with training and teaching materials.

  • The aim of the teachers is to inspire their young learners and give them confidence, both intellectually and socially.
  • It is felt important that the youngsters are able to explore the world around them and pupils are often taken on educational excursions and field trips. One recent outing was to East London, after financial assistance was provided by the Rhino Cash and Carry in Mthatha.

The SOS Primary School at Mthatha has around 400 children, coming from the SOS village, Family Strengthening Programme and from the local community.

  • The school is viewed by official Educational Representatives as one of the best in the region. All our children understand that education is the key to success.
  • As well as supporting pupils in their academic studies, the school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Our Soccer and Netball teams do well in tournaments and cultural events are held each year, such as the school talent show. Pupils are also encouraged to participate in community and worldwide events, such as Arbor week, when pupils planted trees to help the environment.

Nelspruit : SOS Schools

The SOS Nursery at Nelspruit has around 45 children from the local community and the SOS village and Family Strengthening Programme.

  • Enrolment numbers at the nursery vary, depending on the movement of families in and out of Kamagugu.
  • Each year, Grade R’s leaving the nursery for primary school are given a graduation party.

Pietermaritzburg : SOS Schools

The SOS Nursery at Pietermaritzburg has around 90 children from the local community and the SOS village and Family Strengthening Programme.

  • The young learners at the nursery are our number one priority and teachers undergo training programmes and Education courses to make sure they are knowledgeable and up-to-date with the best teaching practices.
  • Workshops are also conducted on a quarterly basis with teachers from other nurseries to share experiences and talk over current developments.

Port Elizabeth : SOS Schools

The SOS Nursery at Port Elizabeth has capacity for 100 children from the local community and the SOS village and Family Strengthening Programme.

  • The children at the nursery take part in a variety of play and learning activities and in recent years, the ‘Monkeynastix’ learning programme was introduced.
  • Children are taken on regular educational outings to farms, pools, parks and other places of local interest, such as the fire department. And the school runs a busy programme of annual events, celebrations and special workshops such as puppet shows, themed plays and a water fun day.