Child sponsorship letter from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

An example child sponsorship letter from Port Elizabeth, South Africa:

Dear Sponsors,

Sponsor a child Port Elizabeth, South AfricaWe warmly greet you from the SOS Children's Village Port Elizabeth from the Friendly City, Port Elizabeth, the economic hub of the Eastern Cape.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup has created much excitement amongst our children.  They are torn between supporting our local team (Bafana Bafana) and many of their icons that play for the other international teams.  The children are eagerly anticipating seeing all their soccer heroes in action. As previously stated all visitors and sponsors are very welcome to visit our village! We have had a busy and productive year, with various events, and activities on and off the village.

In the last two quarters four new children were admitted to our village. We are in the process of screening another five applicants for possible admission to the village. At present, we have forty-one boys and sixty-five girls in the family houses. In the youth houses, we have five youth boys and six youth girls. Twelve children are attending occupational therapy, thirteen are in counseling, and thirty-nine children are attending various remedial classes to assist them with their schoolwork. We have had the normal childhood illnesses but nothing too serious, five children
received spectacles and two had their teeth seen to. At present, we have two children receiving orthodontic treatment.At present in conjunction with the Department of Health, we are immunizing all children under the age of fifteen with polio and measles. This is a preventative measure as it is a nationwide campaign by the Department of Health.

SOS Nursery School Port Elizabeth South Africa

Four of our youth completed their schooling last year. Of the four one is currently at university, where he is studying Political Science. The other three youth are enrolled in college courses in town i.e. business studies, hairdressing and nursing. One of our youth leaders started a sewing group for children with special needs in a bid to provide these children with skills. The response from the children has been enthusiastic and positive and we are very happy with the progress that they are making.

We have purchased more playground equipment for the play area and the children are delighted with the new swings and slide. Outside seating has been purchased for the families to sit in the shade on hot summer days and we are happy to report that good use is made of the new benches placed all over the village. The children do their homework outside; the SOS mothers meet each other and share a cup of
tea; and the youth congregate to chat, listen to music and to meet their friends.

At present, we have three boys involved in cycling within the village. This sport requires time and fitness as long hours go into training. This year the youth competed in four cycling events ranging in distance from 25km to 55km. They did remarkably well and we are proud of all their dedication. Thirty-seven of our children attended an inter-residential care facility gala and the day was a huge success. Although our children do not have access to a swimming pool, they participated with enthusiasm and it was an opportunity to network with children in similar circumstances as themselves. A tournament was organized by a place of safety for children during the first term of this year and our village children
competed in netball, soccer and volleyball. Our children showed good potential and won in all three codes. We are so very proud of all our children who attempt to participate in all activities.

Sixty-seven households (which include 111 children) are receiving support in terms of food, as well as school clothing and school stationery. The Family Strengthening Programme office has managed to build a good partnership with the United Methodist Church in Westville. The Family Strengthening Programme office is looking at supporting the church in establishing a pre-school at the church. We have identified two other preschools and will be investigating the placement of SOS Childrens' Village scholarship children in these facilities, in order for us to become constructively involved in upgrading the educational facilities with the
assistance of our SOS Nursery teachers. The SOS Children's Village field workers support individuals in Westville with psycho social needs. We have launched an awareness regarding childcare through the Westville community committee and with direct communication through individual parents.

Ten beneficiaries have been identified to undergo vocational skills training at a company in town. Two of our candidates have managed to find employment and we are positive that the other eight will find employment soon. The Family Strengthening Programme office has distributed vegetable seeds at the request of beneficiary families and the gardens are monitored on a regular basis. Assisting individuals to obtain identity documents and birth certificates is also very important as these individuals can access different grants, driver licences and open bank accounts, once they have these important documents.

SOS Nursery staff members took part in an outreach programme that took place in our Family Strengthening Programme community in Westville. Thirty-three children aged 3-6 years old were part of this colourful and fun educational experience. Nursery staff kept them busy with puzzle building, colour in and fantasy activities.

In March as an awareness campaign, SOS Children's Village launched World Orphan Week (WOW). SOS supporters and sponsors that participated were encouraged to dress up in fancy dress and at the same time support our global organisation and the work that we do.

Child Protection has also become a very important aspect of our programs, with staff and children constantly sensitized through awareness programs of how to care and improve this important service. Important measures have also been put into place during the 2010 FIFA World Cup to ensure that our children are well protected and aware of the constant dangers that could be detrimental to their well
being. The South African Police visited our village before Easter to educate our children on the dangers of child trafficking. The children and youth listened to a talk before the police handed out Easter eggs to all the children.

In February, the education committee rewarded our learners who did well at school. Special trophies and certificates of merit were awarded to learners who excelled at nursery, primary school and high school. This is to encourage all learners in the village that if they apply themselves they will be recognised for all their hard work. The award ceremony is an annual event at our village.

Easter has come and gone and the second term of the school year has started. The children have all gone back to school; autumn has arrived and soon it will be time for the children to start wearing warm jackets and jerseys. The weather is wonderful; crisp and the sun is not as hot. The village children delight in playing outside before dinner, as they know that soon it will be too cold as winter approaches and their playtime will be curtailed.

The support that you as sponsor give to our organisation is critical to our programmes, and provides assistance to our children in our village and communities. Your generosity helps us provide the best possible care for our children.

Yours faithfully

SOS Children's Village Port Elizabeth