SOS Schools in Kazakhstan

SOS Nursery School Almaty KazakhstanSOS Nursery School Alamty

Update report from Tatiana Yakovleva, Nursery School Administrator Astana, Kazakhstan

The SOS Nursery School  at Almaty continues its educational work started in 2007. There are four groups of approximately 80 children, number of children sometimes varies. For the whole year the nursery school was self-financed.

The nursery school administrator and speech therapist raised their qualification at special training courses. Together with nursery school co-workers from Kyrgyzstan they got trainings on Step-by-step programme. This programme is considered to be one of the best in the sphere of pre-school education in our country. Parents render considerable financial help: for the period under report the nursery school received a play-ground and running repair works.

The SOS Nursery School received the License for medical and educational services.

SOS Nursery School Astana

Report from Valentina Gelasimova, Nursery School Administrator, Almaty, Kazakhstan

For the period under report in average 71 children (34 boys and 37 girls) attended the SOS Nursery School Astana.  As at Almaty the entire year was self-financed.

On May 25 children graduated from the nursery school and successfully entered different schools of our city (5 of them in lyceums, another 20 - schools). One of the graduates was our girl (the youngest of our SOS Children's Village Astana children). Now she is a pupil of the first grade in secondary school near the Village.

The nursery school continues its work on pre-school education and child development. During this year 70 children attended the classes of speech therapist. 22 of them are now with absolutely normal speech, the rest 48 improved their speech abilities. 

Also there were organised different activities with parents’ participation:

  • “Holiday of Kazakh language”
  • Sport holiday “Father, mother and I - sporty family”, etc.

There were organised some activities for introducing “Step-by-step” programme on working with parents:

  • Parents with their children released their family newspapers;
  • Family photo exhibition was organised;
  • Contests on pictures and interesting home-made things.

Qualification conversations among employees were organised for experience change.