SOS Schools in Jordan

SOS Nursery School Amman JordanSOS Nursery School Amman

At the end of the school year 2007/2008, SOS Nursery School Amman had 110 students. The nursery school graduated its 22nd batch of Nursery School class 2 students in June, and entered a new school year at full capacity, serving 15 students from the SOS Children's Village Amman and 105 from the neighbouring community. The nursery school offers the children access to early learning and supervised play facilities in four classrooms, a multi-purpose hall, indoor and outdoor play areas. A French delegation contributed in renovating some parts of the facility.

The teachers have exceptional qualifications in childcare and receive guidance from various child educational and developmental professionals on the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education. The system was developed during the year to help the children effectively integrate into society and strengthen their knowledge for a smooth transition to primary school. The teachers adopted new tools that helped children with special circumstances, such as giving time and attention to one task at a time, using reflection, and analysing the concepts learnt, in addition to enforcing sound values and social norms like responsibility, teamwork, determination and a love for learning.

The 17th nursery school teachers’ training held at SOS Nursery School Amman included 43 participants from private nursery schools. The training covered a variety of topics related to child development ranging from education to sports and fun activities. Moreover, teachers from the nursery school participated in a workshop with teachers from other nursery schools to share their experiences in dealing with different kinds of child issues.

The children were engaged in many events aimed at strengthening their solidarity and cultural rooting. They celebrated national and social occasions, including Independence Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and both Islamic feasts. The teachers created a mini-Mecca model with a holy site pilgrimage atmosphere at the indoor play area to celebrate the Islamic feast. In June, a special celebration took place to graduate the nursery school's 22nd batch of 25 students. On this occasion, the students performed for the parents and demonstrated some of their skills and readiness to start school.


SOS Nursery School Aqaba

Ninety-six students graduated from SOS Nursery School Aqaba and moved to primary school. Some 150 students enrolled in the programme of the following year (13 from SOS Children's Village Aqaba and 137 from the neighbouring community). SOS Nursery School Aqaba remains ideal in the field of childcare in the area for the constantly improving quality education and service it provides. The facility consists of five classrooms, a multi-purpose hall, a wide indoor play area, and an outdoor playground with plans to expand to two additional nursery classrooms. The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority renovated the furniture of the nursery school and installed desert air-conditioning systems in the classroom.

The teachers are the best ones to speak up for child’s rights and needs in the city, due to their commitment, their knowledge of the village and it’s work, as well as their long years of experience that have taught them about the needs of almost any case they deal with. They attended the annual childcare and development trainings held at SOS Nursery School Aqaba, as well as other community workshops on the rights of the child. The teachers follow the curriculum set by the Jordanian Ministry of Education in up-bringing children along the lines of the integrated educational system.

The nursery school's principal was at the forefront to integrate children with disabilities in regular classrooms. In this regard, she appointed a specialised teacher, recommended by the development initiative, Maharat, to assist children with physical or learning disabilities. She also started a special classroom to give these children a chance to perform at the same level as other students.

The children were engaged in many activities and events this year. They celebrated national and social events, in addition to the graduation ceremony of the 16th batch of students. They also participated in the nursery school’s summer club, which included a variety of activities, both educational and entertaining, that keeps their minds challenged.