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See the difference

From improving healthcare and education, to family support and hunger prevention, all of our life-changing work depends on the commitment of supporters like you. Your help is invaluable to us and here we show you just what you have done for the thousands of families whose lives you have touched.

We need your help to continue helping children and families into the future. If our work inspires you to make a lasting commitment to the children we support, why not change a life by taking out a child sponsorship with SOS Children? Read more about sponsoring a child...

Providing healthcare


By contributing to our healthcare projects you ensure that more women around the world can give birth in a safe environment, and that qualified help is at hand. You also help put Medical Centres into remote communities where the nearest hospital is hours away. This means that easily treated diseases don't become killers.

See the difference healthcare can make...

Education - child and blackboard


By supporting our education projects you provide children with the education they have the right to, and give them the knowledge and skills they need to care for their own families and communities in the future.

See the difference education can make to a child's life...

Helping in the community

Community Outreach

Supporters of our outreach work help keep our Family Strengthening Programmes going: these are tailored to the needs of vulnerable families at risk of falling apart. As parents' needs are met through training in setting up micro enterprises, support for single mothers, or the provision of addiction counselling, they are better equipped to look after their children.

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Child and mother

SOS Children's Villages and SOS mothers

If you help by giving to our SOS Children's Villages you are giving children loving homes in family houses, each looked after by an SOS mother. The SOS mother creates a new family for up to 10 children who previously had nobody to look after them and makes sure that biological siblings stay together.

See the difference an SOS mother makes to the children she cares for...

Preparing food in Uganda


We run projects across Africa which aim to give children the care and nutrition they need to grow up healthy.

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