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Scouting with SOS Children

Scouts in GuatemalaAre you a Scout, Scout leader or Scout parent looking for ideas for the global zone of Scouting? SOS Children has engaging, interactive ideas to encourage Scouts in all sections to develop an interest in the lives of children in other parts of the world. Caring for children in over 120 countries, a focus on the work of SOS Children is a good way to show scouts the challenges young people in other countries face, and to learn about possible solutions to poverty related problems.

Designed for Title Description
Downloadable pdfs
Beavers Fishing in The Gambia
A game which introduces Scouts to The Gambia and some of the challenges facing people who live there.
'Fishing in The Gambia plan' pdf
Beavers & Cubs
Building an SOS Children's Village
Lets Scouts explore ideas of what makes a 'home'.
'Building an SOS Children's Village' plan pdf
Beavers & Cubs
Musical Chairs: Children's Rights
A version of Musical Chairs which encourages Scouts to think about 'needs' and 'wants' and Children's Rights.
'Musical Chairs: Children's Rights' plan pdf
Beavers & Cubs
Discovering the slums of Nairobi
Introduces Scouts to the living conditions of children in the Kibera slum, Nairobi.
'Discovering the slums of Nairobi' plan pdf
Beavers, Cubs & Scouts
Sierra Leone or South London?
A relay race which uses images to introduce differences and similarities between Sierra Leone, West Africa and South London, UK.
  1. 'Sierra Leone or South London?' plan pdf
  2. images pdf
Hiking across The Gambia
A 'shadow hike' across The Gambia, teaching Scouts some basic facts about the country.
'Hiking across The Gambia' plan pdf
Cubs, Scouts & Explorers Where in the world? A location relay quiz inviting Scouts to match countries and continents.
  1. 'Where in the world?' plan pdf
  2. 'Where in the world?' signs pdf
Country chain
A game which highlights some of the countries where SOS Children works.
  1. 'Country chain' pdf
  2. Country set 1 pdf
  3. Country set 2 pdf
  4. Country set 3 pdf
Hiking Zambia, Niger, Nepal and Brazil
An activity planning a hike in some diverse environments and climates.
  1. 'Hiking Zambia, Niger, Nepal and Brazil' pdf
  2. Country cards pdf
Scouts, Explorers & Network
Find someone who & Happy Families
Learn about and explore the issues facing children around the world. Learn about SOS Children.
  1. 'Find someone who & Happy Families' plan pdf
  2. Grid pdf

Network Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children
Using a film introduces Scouts to Esther and Tino, orphaned children in Zimbabwe.
'Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children' plan pdf
Network Poverty Poker
A poker game challenging assumptions and attitudes to child poverty.
  1. 'Poverty Poker' plan pdf
  2. Statement cards pdf
Network  International  Music Evening Discover chart music from around the world and reflect on what determines your taste in music. 'International Music Evening' pdf