AIDS Orphans in Africa

HIV Aids in South AfricaIn general, SOS Children's mission is centred on orphans and abandoned children. The HIV/AIDS orphan programme targets children who have lost one or both parents due to HIV/AIDS, as well as families where the children live with one or both parents in the terminal phase.

In parallel with the HIV/AIDS orphan programme, our charity promotes community development based on local partnerships. We help to set up small scale income generating projects with local partners, such as our community fields projects, livestock project, training of women and young women to sew, cook etc.

Our main aim in our Aids programmes is to work with the community in equal partnership and to come up with lasting solutions capable of ensuring independence and autonomy.

SOS Children is continually trying to find better solutions for such communities. Historically our main model for orphan-care has been the provision of an entirely new family home, with an SOS mother. But we always try to keep children close to whatever family they have.

SOS Children is the world's largest charity dedicated to giving a new family to orphans and supporting the remaining family of children orphaned by Aids. Our charity helps Aids Orphans and other orphaned children in almost every country in Africa. Please explore the list of countries where you can sponsor a child in Africa.

Do you want to know our in-depth strategies for helping Aids orphans?

Linked you will find some General Aids Africa Information and the SOS Children Strategy for Aids Orphans. Both give an outline of the principles of our charity's work in Africa.

Below are links to more specific details of our charity's Aids projects in Africa, that help Aids Orphans in the community.  You can find out more about sponsoring children

HIV Aids in SwazilandDirectory of SOS Children African Aids Orphans Projects:

Aids Orphans in Angola: We have projects in Benguela and Lubango and support communities through education.

Aids Orphans in Benin: Abomey-Calavi, Dassa-Zoume and Natitingou.

Aids Orphans in Botswana: Botswana has one of the highest AIDS infection rates in the world.

Aids Orphans in Burundi: We run "Anti-AIDS Clubs" and other projects in Bujumbura, Gitega, Muyinga and Rutana

Aids Orphans in Burkina Faso: We help Aids orphans in Dafra and Ougadougou.

Aids Orphans in Cameroon: We support more than 5000 children in and around the capital Yaounde.

Aids Orphans in Cape Verde: We run anti-abandonment programmes to stop children ending up as Street Children.

Aids Orphans in the Central African Republic: We help more than 6000 Aids orphans through our Medical and Social centres in Bangui.

Aids Orphans in Chad: Our programmes have been working effectively since 2004.

Aids Orphans in Congo: Our SOS Medical Centre in Bukavu is a part of our programs

Aids Orphans in Egypt: Our focus in Egypt is educating about HIV/AIDS

Aids Orphans in Equatorial Guinea: AIDS is still rare and we work on education to keep it that Medical Care at Eldoret, South Africaway

Aids Orphans in Ethiopia: AIDS is one of many challenges faced by our SOS Medical Centre in Keranyo, Addis Ababa

Aids Orphans in Gambia: Gambia is a lower incident country where we work on preventing maternal transmission and education

Aids Orphans in Ghana: We have programmes to help families with infected children in 14 communities.

Aids Orphans in Guinea: We strengthen families in Conakry and N’Zerekore to stop abandonment and encourage self-sufficiency

Aids Orphans in Guinea Bissau: We work on AIDS and other serious health problems such as high infant mortality rates.

Aids Orphans in the Ivory Coast: We run SOS Medical Centres and target families with an income of less than 60p a day.

Aids Orphans in Kenya: We have a family care centre in Nairobi

Aids Orphans in Lesotho: We focus on orphans alone and children whose parents are dying of HIV/AIDS.

Aids Orphans in Liberia: We support 11,500 children in and around the capital Monrovia

Aids Orphans in Madagascar: We run three SOS Medical Centres in Madagascar

Aids Orphans in Malawi: We have a long list of AIDS programmes, ranging from the distribution of Mother and daughter Lusaka, ZambiaARVs to prevention projects

Aids Orphans in Mali: There are programmes at the SOS Social Centre at Socoura

Abandonment in Mauritius: AIDS is not prevalent but abandonment is an issue

Abandonment in Morocco: Again, AIDS is not prevalent, but abandonment is still an issue

Aids Orphans in Namibia: We have programmes in Swakopmund, Tsumeb and Windhoek.

Aids Orphans in Mozambique: We have major programmes in Maputo, Tete and Pemba

Aids Orphans in Nigeria: Programmes are run from SOS Social Centres in Abuja, Lagos and Owu-Ijebu.

Aids Orphans in Niger: AIDS education and prejudice are amongst major problems we try to confront in Niger.

Aids Orphans in Rwanda: We have SOS Social and SOS Medical Centres and run an anti-AIDS club.

Vulnerable children in Senegal: We have a Family Strengthening Programme and a mother and child clinic in Kaolack

Child mortality in Sierra Leone: The extent of HIV/AIDS in the aftermath of war is unknown.

Aids Orphans in Somalia: Conflict has made AIDS one of many problems

Aids Orphans in South Africa: We have large programmes in Port Elizabeth, Qwa Qwa, Umtata, Child from Nelspruit, South AfricaPietermaritzburg, Ennerdale, Mamelodi and Cape Town

War refugees in Sudan: HIV/AIDS is an issue, but helping war refugees takes priority

Aids Orphans in Swaziland: We focus on helping child-headed and grandparent-led families

Aids Orphans in Tanzania: AIDS is prevalent and there is a huge refugee population. We have programmes around Zanzibar and Arusha

Aids Orphans in Togo: We have an SOS Social Centre in Lomé and an SOS Medical Centre in Kara with extensive programmes

Abandonment in Tunisia: HIV/AIDS is less of a problem but abandonment of children, especially by single mothers, is a big area of focus

Aids Orphans in Uganda: We have programmes in Gulu and Kakiri

Aids Orphans in Zambia: We help families through our SOS Social Centres in Kitwe and in Lusaka

Aids Orphans in Zimbabwe: We help thousands of children in each of Bindura, Bulawayo and Waterfalls.