SOS Schools in Philippines

SOS Primary School Calbayog

The SOS Primary School Calbayog opened in 1982. It is run in conjunction with Christ the King College. It has over 400 pupils.

SOS Nursery School Cebu PhilippinesSOS Nursery School Cebu

The SOS Nursery School at Cebu continues to give quality education to the children in the neighborhood.  The nursery school teachers actively participated in training sessions given by linkage agencies, by the Department of Education and by the National Training Centre.  The PTCA is also very active in helping the fundraising efforts of the nursery school like the Search for Prince and Princess last December that also earned a substantial amount.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Davao

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School at Davao opened in 1984. It is managed by Holy Cross of Davao. There are about 900 pupils in 24 classes.

SOS Nursery School Iloilo

The SOS Nursery School Iloilo started its enrollment period last May 5-9 for school year 2008 - 2009.  Two hundred Thirty One (231) children are now enrolled in the nursery school of the Social Centre. Children who are beneficiaries of the Family Strengthening Programme are also enrolled in the centre. Students were very excited to see their school and they were happy to see their teachers and former classmates as well.

Moreover, a short programme was organised last July 31 at the Social Centre Function Hall. Ms. Ruth Fe SALDITOS, a Dietician Nutritionist and Executive Directress of Fair Trade Foundation-Panay, was invited to talk about proper nutrition and other health tips. All the parents of 224 children participated in the said activity.  A feeding programme was also started for the nursery school pupils. Each year level prepared nutritional foods as they gathered and shared it with their classmates.

SOS Nursery School Lipa

Last March 26, sixty-one (61) pupils successfully graduated and promoted to Elementary level from our Preparatory School programme. Presently enrolled for Academic Year 2008 – 2009 are 116 children

: 64 boys and 52 girls, inclusive of pre-school children from the village. Besides the basic academic programmes of the nursery school the regular quarterly examinations, extra-curricular activities were done and that includes, among others, Valentine’s Day celebration, Children’s Month activities, Nutrition Month, and the SOS SKL Kiddie Festival. Enhancement of the social skills of the children was given a major consideration on this school year.


As part of the on-going realignments towards the full implementation of the Family strengthening Programmes of SOS Lipa, almost 85 percent of the pupils are non-paying and are coming from the poorest community surrounding the village. Moreover, because of the funds given by the HSBC Future First Programme, each classroom of the school has its own computers and other modern teaching facilities. The school building was also renovated to have a more spacious learning space conducive to the children’s growth and development. 

SOS School Tacloban PhilippinesSOS Primary School Tacloban

The SOS Primary School at Tacloban opened in 1982 and was developed in partnership with the Ministry of Education. The school has over 1,100 pupils who are taught in two shifts.