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Child from Jorpati, Nepal

In Nepal, HIV/AIDS and political violence has left many children alone. Since we opened our first Children's Village in Nepal in 1973, we have worked to help children growing up in one of the world's poorest countries.

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Sponsor a child in Nepal

Lack of development

Nepal is one of the least-developed countries in the world. Over half the population lives under the international poverty line, while 46% is unemployed. Thousands of people die every year due to malnutrition and diseases resulting from dire living conditions, with limited access to healthcare preventing recovery. HIV/AIDS is an increasing problem, and Nepalese society is blighted by poverty, illiteracy, gender inequality and poor education.

Children in Nepal

The number of children in Nepal without parental care, or at risk of losing such care, is increasing. Political unrest, widespread poverty and the spread of HIV/AIDS all rob children of their parents. Over a third of children between the ages of five and 14 are forced to work to sustain their families, many in the sex industry. Consequently, only 60% of children are enrolled at school drop-out rates are high, meaning few children reap the lifelong benefits of a full education.

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Our charity work in Nepal

Our nine Villages across the small country of Nepal help children and families in the most deprived areas. We tailor our work to the needs of individual communities, supporting children with special needs in Jorpati and providing care to refugees from Tibet in Pokhara. Across the country, our emphasis is on providing a decent education to ensure children get the best possible start in life and supporting fragile families in the community.


Our first SOS Children's Village in Nepal opened in Sanothimi in 1973. Constructed on former rice terraces, SOS Sanothimi is a short drive from the Nepalese capital Kathmandu. A nursery as well as primary and secondary schools provide education to children from the Village as well as from the local community.

A Vocational Training Centre is open to people from the local community, providing courses in ceramics and other trades.

SOS School Pokhara NepalPokhara

The SOS Children's Village in Pokhara opened in 1975. This Village cares for Tibetan refugee children and is one of our largest projects in Nepal. As well as family houses and an SOS Youth Home for young adults preparing to leave our care, a nursery and two schools provide education to children. The Namgyal Higher Secondary School in Gorkna is the only higher secondary school for Tibetans in Nepal. Pokhara also has a Vocational Training Centre which provides opportunities for young Tibetans from all over Nepal to acquire technical skills and trades suited to the national job market. Trainee electricians help other Tibetan refugees, connecting up the electricity supply at local refugee camps as part of their course.


In 1979, we opened a third Tibetan Village in Gandaki. Located in the highlands, west of Kathmandu, a collection of family houses offer shelter and love to children who have lost their parents, while SOS Youth Homes provide young adults with a stepping stone to independence as they prepare to leave our care. A nursery and an SOS School for allow many hundreds of local children to benefit from high-quality teaching. In 2003, we began working with struggling families from the local area to help mothers overcome the various strains of parenthood. Through the provision of much-needed support such as child care and medical treatment, we are keeping families together.


Opened in 1983, our Village in Jorpati on the outskirts of Kathmandu cares specifically for children and young people with special needs. The family houses here were specially designed to meet the requirements of children with disabilities, while the Village also has a therapy room with a small pool for physical therapy. An SOS Youth Centre opened here in 1995, providing support for older children with special needs. Read more about this Village...

Children in SOS School Pokhara, NepalSurkhet

Our Surkhet community is in a small, isolated valley in western Nepal, where the road is passable only in dry weather. Opened in 1987, over 200 children and young people live in the family houses and the SOS Youth Homes here. An SOS School provides primary and secondary education for hundreds of pupils, while daily childcare and medical treatment is available to local families are available at the SOS Social Centre.


SOS Children's Village Itahari opened in 1992, near the Indian border in the east. A nursery and a primary and secondary school provide education to children from the Village and beyond. Opened in 2001, an SOS Youth Home located in nearby Biratnagar provides housing and support for older children as they prepare for independence and acquire the skills they need for a successful career. An SOS Social Centre provides courses in handicrafts for local women to help them to improve their skills and employment prospects.


SOS Children's Village Kavre opened in 1997 near the small towns of Panauti and Banepa, a short drive from Kathmandu. An SOS School teaches children at primary and secondary level, as well as offering nursery care to younger children. A social centre allows us to provide support to fragile families from the local area.


In 2003, we opened a Village in Bharatpur, the district capital of Chitwan District in central Nepal. A nursery and a combined SOS Primary and Secondary School provide education to many hundreds of children. There is also an SOS Social Centre which provides daycare and medical support to many local families.


Our most recent Nepalese Village opened in the west of the country in March 2010. SOS Lumbini is a growing community which currently has the capacity to provide a new home to 150 children.  A nursery provides daycare to small children, helping alleviate some of the pressures of parenthood from local mothers, enabling them to work during the day in order to support their families. To complement this, we work with fragile families from the local community by offering guidance and support to help them overcome the hardships driving them apart. Back at the Village, we host a range of activities from sports tournaments to folk music and traditional celebrations. The "Lumbini Child Club" is run by the children themselves and works towards the welfare of children from the Village and beyond.

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