Malaria in Africa

Testing for malaria in Gode, EthiopiaMalaria in Africa was responsible for an estimated 655,000 deaths worldwide in 2010 (WHO 2011). Most of these deaths were among African children in sub-Saharan Africa. Young children, who have not yet gained protective immunity from the most severe forms of the disease, are most at risk, along with pregnant women and people suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Malaria is a preventable and curable disease with the right care and control measures. Charity work contributes a lot to prevention and cure in sub-Saharan Africa, ensuring that many families get the provisions needed to fight the disease.

Our charity and malaria

SOS Children works across sub-Saharan Africa, providing homes and families for orphaned and abandoned children. In our villages, healthcare for children and their SOS mothers is high quality. If one of our villages is in a malaria risk area, prevention measures such as mosquito nets will be provided.

We also build SOS Medical Centres, places where children can receive treatment from trained professionals, where there are often few or no alternatives in the local community. These medical centres can diagnose and treat cases of malaria in children and adults and provide healthcare to people who would otherwise have no care.

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