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Child from Skopje, Macedonia

Macedonia gained independence in 1991, but since then living standards have fallen, and poverty and discrimination continue to be big problems. SOS Children began work here in 1995 to provide disadvantaged children with a healthy upbringing and a good education.

To help give a child in Macedonia a hopeful future, sponsor a child in Macedonia.

Sponsor a child in Macedonia

Macedonians suffer from unemployment and discrimination

Macedonia has one of the poorest economies in Europe, with widespread poverty and unemployment rates so high that many people have been forced to migrate in search of work. Ethnic discrimination, gender equality and domestic violence often means that families do not have the opportunity to make improvements to their lives.

Poverty prevents children from gaining an education

The decline in living standards has a big effect on children, leading to more and more dropping out of primary school. Discrimination makes this a particular problem for children from a Roma background, of whom few go on to receive a secondary education. Infant mortality is high in Macedonia, and young children are often taken into care. Instead of going to school, some end up working for the family business, and early marriage is not uncommon.

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Our Work in Macedonia

SOS Children began working in Macedonia in 1995 to tackle the problems of illiteracy, unemployment and violence. By providing children with an education, we give them the chance of a successful future.


Skopje is the capital of Macedonia. Many people living here are unemployed, with inadequate housing and limited access to vital services such as healthcare and education. Children in these families lack protection and are vulnerable to exploitation by criminal gangs and human traffickers.

Children of Roma origin are severely disadvantaged, and SOS Children focuses much of its effort on supporting families from ethnic minorities, where exclusion and prejudice prevents them from receiving the education and support they need to escape poverty. As well as this, we try to reduce the number of children receiving institutionalised care by helping families stay together and offering support and guidance to parents.

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