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List of sovereign states and dependent territories in Oceania

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This is an alphabetical list of sovereign states and dependencies (listed in italic) that have at least some territory lying within Oceania

 American Samoa 
Australia  Ashmore and Cartier Islands 
 Cook Islands 
Australia  Coral Sea Islands 
 Easter Island 
 French Polynesia 
 Marshall Islands
 Federated States of Micronesia
 New Caledonia 

 New Zealand
 Norfolk Island 
 Northern Mariana Islands 
 Papua New Guinea
 Pitcairn Islands 
 Solomon Islands
 Wallis and Futuna 

United States United States Minor Outlying Islands
Baker Island  · Howland Island  · Jarvis Island  · Johnston Atoll  · Kingman Reef  · Midway Atoll  · Palmyra Atoll  · Wake Island

Japan Ogasawara Islands (Japan)
Bonin Islands  · Marcus Island  · Okino-tori-shima  · Volcano Islands

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