Liberia – SOS Medical and Social Centres

In Liberia there is currently one Social Centre and one Medical Centre for children and the local community, in Monrovia.  Many SOS Social Centres operate via Family Strengthening Programmes, which aim to support the wider community.  Medical Centres provide treatments and services to the local community.  Below is some information about the Centres that SOS Children runs in Liberia:

SOS Medical Centre in Liberia

MC Monrovia, LiberiaMonrovia

Work and Achievements:

The Medical Centre has been serving the Monrovia Community with a lot of commendation from many quarters.
The clinic with a total number of 68 staff members continues to render medical and health services for the benefit of various communities, children, SOS Employees and staff on a 24-hour basis, and offer the same services as before in several areas:

They include those on temporary stay and admission, who sometimes come in high numbers because of the good services and also the good quality of drugs the clinic provides.   Another cause for the attraction to SOS Medical Centre is the occasional in-service training we conduct for our Nurses and Nurses Aids for capacity building.  Medical and health care Institutions personnel are also provided the opportunity to do internship within facility.The services we offer at our Medical Laboratory and X-Ray Laboratory are appreciated especially because of the promptness of the results and the accuracy too.

In collaboration with MOH (Ministry of Health) SOS MC continues to provide immunization to children less than five (5) years and women of child bearing ages 14 - 49 years.

In 2009 SOS Medical Centre was a vaccination center for the Polio vaccine for children and Yellow fever vaccine, where thousand of community members from all parts of the capital Monrovia and the rural area benefited from these campaigns.

SOS Social Centre in Liberia


Work and Achievements:

Currently, there are 162 Families with 750 children in the FSP.  
31 (thirty one) of these Families currently receive full support due to their terminally illnesses that do not allow them to fend for themselves.
69 (sixty nine) families receive various assistance in terms of children education reparation of living, quarters purchasing of mattresses, blankets etc….
62 (sixty two) Family Heads are now prepared and went through the training to receive Income Generating Activities (IGA).  
6 (Six) Families have exited the program, but were replaced by new needy families.

Since the inception of FSP Monrovia, there have been successes in the livelihood of beneficiaries on the program.  In particular, the health of families has improved drastically through the services rendered. With emphasis on HIV/AIDS infected families and their children and the provision of food and nutritional supplements, most of the families/caregivers have become physically fit to care for their children.

Advocacy activities are carried out through awareness and sensitization for the rights and protection of children in the communities and with targeted caregivers.