Lesotho – SOS Medical and Social Centres

In Lesotho there is currently one Social Centre and one Medical Centre for children and the local community, in Maseru. A second Social Centre is being built in Quthing.  Many SOS Social Centres operate via Family Strengthening Programmes, which aim to support the wider community.  Medical Centres offer treatments and services to the local community  Below is some information about the Centres that SOS Children runs in Lesotho:

SOS Medical and Social Centres around Lesotho: In-Depth

Granny headed household at Maseru, LesothoMaseru

Description of SOS Medical Centre:

The SOS Medical Centre provides medical treatment to up to 1,000 patients per month.

Work and Achievements:

Physical examination of all under-five-years old children admitted to SOS Children’s Village and nursery were conducted.

Patients were educated daily on different kinds of illnesses e.g. T.B. H/Aids S.T.D and other diseases and encouraged them to practice Universal Precautions.

The Nursing-Sister attended one day meeting at Maseru District Counsel to take part in planning for AIDS celebration.

The Clinic Staff and F.S.P. personnel attended the Aids celebration day on the 25-02-09 at Fatima, the invitation came from the M.O.H. &S.W.

The Clinic staff visited the SOS village houses and youth flats, to check on hygiene and general cleanliness and provided the necessary advice.

SOS Children and those from community around have being attacked by flu, adults also were treated successfully.  Very ill patients were referred to Casualty Department at National Hospital, but most of the patients were treated successfully at the Clinic.

Description of SOS Social Centre/FSP:

In order to reach even more children in need an SOS Social Centre offering support programmes to assist child or grandparent headed families was opened. The SOS Social Centre offers material and medical support, education and counselling as well as HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention campaigns.


Description of SOS Social Centre/FSP:

The SOS Social Centre will run a family strengthening programme, focussing on a package of services especially for HIV and AIDS affected families. In collaboration with communities and local authorities, families receive support to build their capacity to protect and care for their children (e.g. income generation, parental skills) and to gain access to essential services (e.g. education, medical care).