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Title Word Index : Others6

6 1873 1917 1931 1994 2-6-0 4-6-0 6-2-0 6th century Avogadro constant Caffeine Cat's Eye Nebula Cricket World Cup Dominoes Edward VI of England Glucose Golden ratio Google Chrome Guitar Hong Kong Ice Iron Lawrence Kohlberg's stages of moral development Manila Northern Ireland On the Origin of Species Pink Floyd Pirates of the Caribbean (film series) Playing card Polystyrene Rice Saturn Shenzhou 6 Six-party talks Six Nations Championship String theory Symphony No. 6 (Beethoven) Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 World War I Yom Kippur War
60 1985 BT Tower Neodymium U.S. Route 66
600x Boeing 747
608 Perfect number
61 1986 Magna Carta Promethium Upsilon Andromedae
6128 Allosaurus
618 Golden ratio
62 1987 AK-47 Samarium
620 The Magic Flute
626 Requiem (Mozart)
63 1988 Europium
638 Perfect number
639 Afrikaans Ancient Greek Arabic language Bengali language Berber languages Cameroon Chinese language Dutch language English language Esperanto French language Fur language German language Hebrew language Indonesian language Italian language Language Latin Nahuatl Nobiin language Old English Old Nubian language Portuguese language Punjabi language Russian language Sanskrit Spanish language Tamil language Terik people Urdu
64 1989 FIFA (video game series) Gadolinium StarCraft Super Mario 64
64bit Linux
65 Caffeine Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event Cystic fibrosis Paracetamol Terbium
6543 Cat's Eye Nebula
66 Dysprosium Prime Minister of the United Kingdom U.S. Route 66
67 Absolute zero Holmium Johnston Atoll The Supremes
68 1968 Astatine Erbium Normal distribution
683 Avro Lancaster
69 Thulium
693 Allosaurus
6row Barley
6th 6th century James VI and I John Quincy Adams Lord Byron Saturn Symphony No. 6 (Beethoven) Yom Kippur War
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