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Title Word Index : Others5

5 1916 1930 1993 1998 2008 Sichuan earthquake 5th century Adenosine triphosphate Aluminium Android (operating system) Banjo Benzene Boron Brandenburg concertos Channel 5 (UK) Colosseum Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event DVD Drum kit Edward V of England Ethanol FM Consolidated line Five Pillars of Islam Floppy disk George V Gloster Meteor Glucose Google Chrome Half-life Hong Kong Ice Jupiter Ku Klux Klan Louis Jordan On the Origin of Species Paleocene Perl Pirates of the Caribbean (film series) Playing card Romeo and Juliet Safari (web browser) Saturn V Sermon on the Mount Shrek (franchise) Sodium Super Mario 64 The Scout Association Titanic (1997 film) Vitamin C Windows 2000 Windows XP
50 1975 Arsenal F.C. Ethanol Harley-Davidson Harry Potter (film series) Tin Upsilon Andromedae Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
500 Independent school (United Kingdom) The Simpsons
5000 Tao Te Ching
500x Boeing 747
501 Supermarine Spitfire
502 Supermarine Spitfire
509 Supermarine Spitfire
50th Doctor Who Median
50x15 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
5+1 Channel 5 (UK)
51 1976 Antimony Floppy disk
Floppy disk
5¼in Floppy disk
52 1977 Tellurium
5205 Deinonychus
5288 AT&T
53 1978 Iodine San Jose, California
530 Gliese 876
53310761 Elvis Presley
535 Andromeda Galaxy
54 1979 AK-47 Xenon
5432 Albertosaurus
548 Perfect number
55 1980 55 Cancri 55 Cancri c 55 Cancri e San Jose, California
551 Proxima Centauri
5546 Gliese 876
56 1981 Andromeda Galaxy Barium Crimean War
561 Perfect number
57 1982 Lanthanum
58 1983 Cerium T-34
59 1984 Praseodymium
5a Ethanol
5h Vitamin C
5h2o Copper(II) sulfate
5o Properties of water
5text Channel 5 (UK)
5th 5th century James Monroe
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