SOS Schools in India

SOS Primary School Anangpur

The SOS Primary School opened in 1994 and now includes a Middle School. There are about 640 children enrolled, 260 in primary and 380 in middle school.

Update report from 2008:

356 students are enrolled in the school, of which 218 are boys and 138 are girls. In the 2008 academic session the pass percentage was 96.4%

The school holds regular Parent-Teacher meetings at the end of every month to discuss the progress of the children as well as to motivate the parents to participate proactively in their educational development. Frequent staff meetings are conducted to promote teachers interaction and co-operation in attending to students needs. Several activities were organised for children including Inter House Drawing competition, Sports competition and Essay competition.

The children enjoyed a picnic tour. An educational tour for the 2nd to 5th grade was organised to the neighbourhood schools in Faridabad - Ashoka Memorial Public School Sec, SOS School and Delhi Public School to give the children an exposure to a big school environment.

The festivals and occasions that were observed and celebrated were Independence Day, Teacher’s Day and Children’s Day.

The school has modern day amenities available for both students and staff. It has very well furnished class rooms with ergonomically prepared furniture. The children have an opportunity to learn computers at the computer Lab in the school.

Teachers and students are making regular visits to the community to build awareness on the benefits of personal hygiene, healthy environment and a formal education. The response from the local community to the school has been very positive and the school’s growing impact can be visibly perceived. Parents are much better aware of the importance of education and are extending their cooperation eagerly. There is an increased faith and confidence regarding the significance of schooling.

SOS Nursery School Bangalore IndiaSOS Nursery School Bangalore

At present, we have 93 tiny tots in our SOS Nursery School, 32 are our kids from SOS Children’s Village Bangalore & 61 are from the neighbourhood. We have 3 full time nursery school teachers for nursery, lower & upper nursery school classes. This year they attended a workshop on effective teaching.

SOS Nursery School Bawana (Delhi)

The SOS Nursery School has been open since 1994. Presently there are 36 children (23 boys and 13 girls) in the SOS Children's Village Bawana Nursery School.  21 belong to the nearby community whereas the other 15 are from the village. There is one trained NTT teacher and one helper to look after these children. The method of teaching used in the nursery school is play-way. The children of nursery school participate actively in all the functions and programmes held in the village.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Bhimtal

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School opened in 1986 and has about 630 children enrolled, 160 in primary and 470 in secondary. The school is co-educational and has both residential and day pupils.

Update from 2008:

The SOS School at Bhimtal, at present, has 820 students including 168 boarders.  The School is providing education in all the three streams, science, commerce and humanities at +2 level. The SOS School is affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The school’s result was 100%, majority of children passed with distinction. The highest securing percentage for 12th was 91.6% and 10th was 91.2%. Parent teacher meetings, Inter house competitions, Inter school competitions, debates and all national functions are organised in the campus. Facilities for learning art, music, band, gymnastic, badminton and table tennis are also available. This year the school was associated with 79 NCC Uttarakhand battalion and providing NCC training.

SOS Primary School Bhopal

The SOS Primary School opened in 1998.

Update from 2008:

The SOS Primary School at Bhopal had 296 students in the year 2007-08 with classes up to 5th. The academic record showed 100% result in the year. 28 students were granted scholarship for the academic session 2007-08. The school organised calligraphy, drawing, painting, card making, rangoli and various cultural competitions during the year. Besides Maths and Science activities, Yoga and karate classes are arranged to improve the concentration skills of the children. All National and Cultural festivals were celebrated to instil patriotic spirit in children and to enhance love and solidarity towards the Nation.

Special Activities: Nine students bagged prizes in all M P United Karate and Yoga Championship organised by All M P United Karate-Do- Federation. The Staff ensured special programme for the children with difficulties like remedial classes, special attention in the class, counseling etc. The SOS School worked always hand in hand with the SOS Children's Village Bhopal programmes and activities.

SOS Nursery School Bhubaneswar

The SOS Nursery School at Bhubaneswar has accommodated 16 children, 6 from the village and 10 from our neighborhood who derive utmost pleasure by using colorful programme of Kid smart computer. This is a magnificent place of learning through play-way method. Kid smart computers, attractive, colorful, lively toys and posters fascinate the kids to hunt around for improving their creativity.  Parent teacher meeting is a step forward that provides a forum to know the progress of the children. Parents are invited to all-important functions of the village. The classes run from 9 a.m. to 12.15 p.m. 5 days in a week. In the evening the classes are used for tuition classes for other children of the village. 

SOS Primary School BhujSOS Nursery School Bhuj India

The SOS Primary School Bhuj opened in 2005 particularly to encourage the education of girls in this area. The school has ten classrooms and provides primary education to up to 350 pupils. There is also a hostel for girls.

SOS Nursery School Bihar

An SOS Nursery School has also been started which will be equipped with modern facilities which will cater to the need of the neighbouring community children as well.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Bir (near Dharamsala)

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School opened in 1994 and is part of the education system for Tibetan refugee children. About 870 children are enrolled, 635 in primary and 240 in secondary.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Bylakuppe

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School opened in 1982 and is part of the education system for Tibetan refugee children. There are over 1,400 children enrolled, 700 in primary and 750 in secondary.

SOS Primary School Chennai

The SOS Primary School was opened in 1989. About 120 children are taught in seven classrooms.

Update from 2008:

The SOS Primary School Chennai is continuing to impart good primary education to the children from our village and also from the nearby areas. Children enjoy studying in the Montessori education system and the Young Indians “Akshara” system of education.

85 children from our village and from the neighborhood community are enrolled in our school.

Through the year, the children participated in many activities organised in the SOS Primary School; Children enjoyed the activities organised for the staff of Bharti AXA Life insurance, CITI Group and Accenture funfair.  Independence Day, Republic Day, Children’s Day and Teacher’s Day were also celebrated. Teachers of the school received inputs in teaching methodologies with the help of external resource persons. Children from our school participated in activities organised for children by CP Ramasamy Centre for Art and Culture. Children from the school took part in part in Nature walks and other activities organised for children. Special attention was given to children with learning difficulties.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Dehradun

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School opened in 1984. It is part of the education system for Tibetan refugee children. There are over 500 children enrolled.



SOS Primary and Secondary School Dharamsala

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School opened in 1984 for the children of the Tibetan refugee community. There are over 1900 children enrolled, 900 in primary and 1000 in secondary.



SOS Primary and Secondary School Faridabad

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School opened in 1986. There are over 1,100 children enrolled, 500 in primary and 600 in secondary.

Update from 2008:

The SOS School, Faridabad is a co-educational English medium School affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi.

In the academic session 2008-09, the School had a total strength of 805 students from LKG to Class XII, 475 boys and 330 girls .84 staff including teachers and other support staff engage to carry out the mission.

Apart from imparting academic education, the School organised different programmes like talent search to find out their inner skills and talent with help of Mahindra and the certificate & cash prizes were given to students who stood first in their respective classes in the name of Late Shri. Chunni Lal Talwar and Smt. Raj Kaushalya Talwar, Kanchan Kaul one of our students from the SOS Children's Village Greenfields was given Dr. Laxman Swarup & Indira Rani Award for her best performance in Class XII. A three day Exhibition and Poster making competition was held by “Swasthya” an NGO, working for Tobacco free environment.  Students from Classes VI to XII participated in the competition. Hindustan Pencil Limited organised “Writing Style” for Classes VI to XII on 3rd May 2007. Ram Charitra Manas / Bhagwad Gita Inter-School competition was organised by Jan Kalyan Sanstha Faridabad.  Arushi Arora of Class VIII bagged the First position and the School was given a Trophy for “Overall Best Performance”

Besides conducting participatory, interactive and experimental competitions the School encourages discussions, role-plays and group-work through various sessions.Some of the achievements by students that worth mentioning are:
Ashmi Nair of Class XI has been awarded Certificate of Merit by CBSE for her meritorious performance in Mathematics, in Class X (Marks 100 / 100) in the Academic Session 2006-07.

CBSE, New Delhi Cluster IV organised Athletic Meet in the month of October 2007.  Aakansha of Class VIII bagged Bronze medal. Four English Teachers attended “In-service Teachers Training Programme” on Strengthening of Primary Education & Development of English language skills at different levels.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Gopalpur

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School opened in 1999. It is a school for the children of the Tibetan refugee community. There are over 1,400 children enrolled, 600 in primary and 860 in secondary.




SOS Nursery School Greenfields (Delhi)

There are 43 children at the SOS Nursery School Dehli who are from the village. Divided in three parts i.e. Pre Nursery 10 students, Prep class 19 students and Nursery School 14 students. Two nursery-trained teachers are teaching them through play activity methods with the help of pictures, audio-visual aids, computers, charts, flash cards and books. Apart from classes, creative activities like painting, craft, dance and poetry recitation are organised for children. Special programmes were held on Children’s day, Raksha Bandan, Lohri, Some other special programmes were organised for the children of the nursery school with a view to bringing about overall development like First Aid. The whole nursery school is painted in fresh colors. Some new pictures were put on the wall that makes it more attractive and child friendly.

SOS Nursery School Guwahati

The nursery school has been open since the opening of the SOS Children's Village Guwahati.  Most of the children are admitted in formal school after grooming them in the Village Nursery School. It is functioning in the community hall and managed by 2 qualified nursery school teachers. The SOS Nursery School is equipped with play materials and educational kits. The Educational and Nutritional Programme is also conducted in the SOS Nursery School, the total strength of children attending this programme is 52. Till date 58 children got admission into formal schools.

SOS Nursery School Hojai (Assam)

The nursery school has been open since 1994. Presently there are 27 children of the village in the village nursery school. Another 10 children belong to the nearby community. There is one trained NTT teacher look after these children. The method of teaching used in the nursery school is play-way. The children of nursery school participate actively in all the functions and programmes held in the village.

SOS Nursery School Hyderabad

The village nursery school has been carrying out its functioning in a smooth way. The toddler stimulation programme was conducted throughout the year.  SOS mothers and aunts continue to come to the nursery school on weekly basis to learn about their children’s developments and achievements as well as to get a general understanding of what goes on at the nursery school. As part of their outing children were taken to picnic to Zoological Park where children had great fun watching different animals and birds.

SOS Nursery School JaipurSOS Nursery School Jaipur India

The SOS Nursery School at the SOS Children's Village Jaipur is fully functional with two computers, musical instruments, soft toys etc. There are 10 tiny tots (including 2 from the outside community) under the guidance of a trained nursery school teacher. These small children are taught by play-way methods.  Children learn various important things in different funny and entertaining ways. This year too kids who had finished nursery school were admitted in to regular outside schools for formal schooling.  The Nursery School children went on a day long picnic Zoo and nearby Science Park. Other development activities too were organised through out the year.

SOS Nursery School Jammu

All the new children who are brought home are being prepared in the Village Nursery School for formal Schooling. This year we have equipped the nursery school with a number of play way methods for the newly brought home children. This has generated a lot of interest among the children.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Jammu

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School opened in 2001. There are around 800 children enrolled, 500 in primary and 300 in secondary.

Update from 2008:

There are approximately 800 children enrolled in the SOS School at Jammu, which has a pass rate of 96%.  In 2007-2008, forty scholarships were given though this dropped to 29 in the school year of 2008-2009.

15 students participated in National level sports held at different states representing J&K state team in football, Hockey, Judo, softball and Carrom. Students also participated in National Scouts & Guides camp at shantikunj Haridwar (Uttaranchal).

139 students participated in State Level, Inter District Level sports competition in football, cricket, softball, carrom, Judo, Hockey, Kho-Kho, sports climbing and basketball. Students participated in Mathematics Cyber Olympiad and on line Cyber Olympiad in Amritsar and Jallandhar (Punjab) respectively and NTSE examination in Jammu.

The school organised various interhouse activities in sports and co-curricular activities every week. A seminar and a Kavi Sammelan were organised on Communal Harmony. A Seminar on AIDS and a workshop on Adolescence Education were also organised in which large number of students, parents and teachers participated.

Three excursions including one to Himachal Pradesh and another to Mata Vaishno Devi and local visits were organised for the students of various standards. 09 students attended a 4-day scouts & guides camp. Two batches of 9 & 7 students attended a 10-day NCC camp CATC at Nagrota Jammu, in July and September respectively.

One period (40 minutes) every day for such children in small group the remedial work is done. Interschool on the Spot Painting and Poster making Competition was organised in collaboration with Sai Shyam College of Education Jammu. Students participated in many interschool programmes/activities in sports, debates, Quiz, music and dance etc. A rally on “Communal Harmony” was organised in the town.

School pays special attention to the SOS Children in academic as well as other activities and has a good impact due to good academic results and achievements in sports and other activities. The school has a good impact on the nearby community.

The school is providing better facilities in comparison to the normal facilities provided in other schools in the city.4 new computers, basketball poles, another Table Tennis Table and a new Photo copier machine were installed in the school. NCC Junior wing for girls started.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Leh-Ladakh

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School at Leh-Ladakh opened in 1975. It is one of the largest schools for the Tibetan refugee community in India. There are nearly 2,500 children enrolled, 1,600 in primary and 900 in secondary. Teacher training workshops are held here each year for staff of SOS schools in the Tibetan refugee community organised by Liverpool Hope University College.


SOS Nursery School Kerala (Cochin)

The SOS Nursery School in the village campus at Cochin was started in the year 1992.  At present the SOS Nursery School has 100 children on its roll. 88 children are from the local community and 12 children are from SOS Children’s Village Cochin.  The SOS Nursery School has three different sections like; Pre-KG, LKG and UKG functioning well under the leadership of three qualified and experienced Teachers and a nursery school helper.

Quarterly PTA meetings were held for interaction with parents. Activities for children like Quiz competitions on Mondays, Yoga on Tuesday, dance on Wednesday, Drill on Thursday and Video time on Fridays were the special features at the nursery school. Children’s Day   Balamela was celebrated with colourful competitions in the nursery school like Fancy Dress, Action Song, Speech etc. with a grand party for our tiny tots.    Nursery School students were taken to different exposure programmes like Scholarship exam conducted by M/s Nettikadan Corporation, Painting and drawing Competitions outside etc. The birthday of each child was celebrated within the class with a small birthday party.  Pre KG and LKG students went for a picnic cum study tour to Kodanadu Elephant sanctuary.  UKG went to Veegaland the amusement park at Cochin for a day trip. Festivals like, Onam, Independence Day, Gandhijayanthi, Children’s Day and Christmas etc. were celebrated.

Farm Project Mohidinpur (Meerut)

A balwadi (nursery school) has been running at the SOS Farm Project since 1989.  During the session 2008-09, the strength of the Balwadi was 63 children. The children attending the Balwadi are given food, education with material and medical facilities. A Stitching and Tailoring Centre is also in existence there since 1989.  During the year 2008, about 35 girls and women of surrounding Villages were attending the Centre for training on stitching and tailoring.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Mussoorie-Happy Valley

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School opened in 1980 for children of the Tibetan refugee community. The school has over 1,500 pupils, 1,270 in primary and 250 in secondary.

SOS Secondary School Nuh Palla (Haryana)

The school is operating in a very socially and economically backward region (Mewat) of Haryana. The following are the details regarding the students.

Over 527 children from Palla and other neighborhood villages are enrolled in school out of which 394 are boys and 133 are girls.  
The following are some of the activities undertaken by the school in 2008:
•    Republic Day, Independence Day, Teachers day were celebrated.
•    Inter house competitions organised
•    Participated in Haryana state school cricket Tournament C.K. Naidu under 19 years.
•    Children participated in the March Past and P.T parade on the occasion of Independence Day and Republic Day celebration at District Head quarters organised by Deputy Commissioner and Education Department of Haryana. 
•    Extra coaching for board classes was organised.
•    Remedial Classes were organised for V &VIII & X during school hours ( Morning)

Parents are satisfied with the progress the school is making. They are showing an increasing readiness to admit their wards into formal schooling. Their participation in the school activities has improved and many visit the school to interact with the teachers and Principal. This helps to create a meaningful improvement in the community’s approach to the importance and usefulness of education.

SOS Nursery School Puducherry (Pondicherry)

The SOS Nursery School started preparatory classes for kids to get admission in the primary education.  The nursery school is equipped with sufficient Montessori equipment for children and a nursery school teacher was also appointed.  All the tiny tots of the village attend the nursery school at the SOS Children's Village Pondicherry.  They have two class rooms.  At present there are 14 kids with 12 kids in lower nursery school and 2 kids in upper nursery school.  Nursery School kids had invited their mothers and co-workers and celebrated the Fruits and Vegetable day during the year.  They visited Fruits and Vegetable mall in the town of Puducherry and purchased variety of fruits and vegetables for their day of celebration.  “Children’s Day” was also celebrated and various competitions on drawings, rhymes, and games like potato gathering and hide and seek were conducted and all the kids were gifted for their participation and best efforts.  The kids enjoyed the day by dancing and singing all their favorite rhymes and film songs.

SOS Primary School Pune

The SOS Primary School Pune opened in 1979 and is used by the children of the SOS Children's Village as well as the local community.




SOS Nursery School Raipur (Chhatisgarh)

A fully equipped nursery school is also functioning in the Children’s Village Campus. At present 16 children are getting education there in a play way method by trained staff.

SOS Nursery School Rajpura (Punjab)

We have 55 children in our nursery school at Rajpura. Out of this 23 are from our Village and 32 are from the community. We are conducting Pre-Nursery, Nursery, LKG and UKG classes so as to prepare children for entry to formal schools.

SOS Nursery School Rourkela (Orissa)

In the SOS Children's Village Rourkela Nursery School there are 25 kids consisting of 5 boys and 20 girls. These tiny tots enjoy their Pre School training where lots of fun filled activities that take place every day under the able guidance of two trained nursery school teachers.  Fifteen children from the SOS Nursery School and four children from the SOS School got admission in good English and Oriya Medium schools of the city this year.

SOS Nursery School Shillong (Meghalaya)

The SOS Nursery School Shillong has 2 teachers imparting to the young ones the elementary education. Currently we have 26 tiny tots studying here. It is well equipped with all the amenities as teaching guides for the children.

SOS Nursery School Trichur (Kerala)

The SOS Nursery School is operating within the SOS Children's Village at Trichur.  This year the nursery school started in English Medium.  40 little kids from the local community attend the classes. They enjoyed an outing in February.  There was a painting competition also.  The Annual Day of Nursery School was celebrated with variety of cultural programmes by little kids on 19th of March.  30 children secured Scholarship.  Besides regular study hours, play and rest, children enjoy drawing, clay modeling, computer lab and library.

SOS Nursery School Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)

The SOS Nursery School is well-equipped with teaching aids like Computer lab, music system and educative toys for children. In the nursery school, 30 children are attaining their basic training under the constant guidance of trained teachers; there is a community hall, which is used for various co-curricular activities.

For the better growth of the children various medical check-up camps and awareness programmes are organised inside the Village.

SOS Primary and Secondary School Varanasi

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary School opened in 1990. There are over 1150 pupils, 440 in primary and 710 in secondary

Update from 2008:

The SOS School located in Varanasi is one of the premier educational establishments around. It was set up in 1990 on 9 acres of land. The school boasts of about 1,300 children, 42 staff members and about 20 other supporting staff members. The school is well equipped with all the facilities such as sports ground, laboratory, computer lab, and music along with other infotainment classes. The students have been able to make their mark in various Inter School as well as Inter state level competitions in various fields. To sum it up the parents feel highly elevated and proud sending their children to SOS School, Varanasi.

SOS Nursery School Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh)

A well equipped nursery school at Visakhapatnam has 50 tiny tots on rolls. Out of them 30 are from the neighboring community and 20 from Children’s Village. Children learn through play way method, visual aids. They enjoy learning basics of alphabets, rhymes, numbers and shapes through Kids Computers. Children were also taken for a day out for Picnic.