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Hungary mapOverview of Hungary

Hungary has a colourful and varied culture reflecting its mix of peoples - the majority Magyars, Roma, German, Slovak, Croat, Serb and Romanian minorities. It has rich traditions in folk and classical music and was the birthplace of numerous well loved performers and composers, including Franz Liszt, Bela Bartok and Zoltan Kodaly.

Hungary played an important part in accelerating the collapse of Communism when in 1989 it opened its border with Austria, allowing thousands of East Germans to escape to the West. However, a number of problems left over from the Communist era, including pollution and environmental damage, have yet to be resolved.

Our Work in Hungary

Child sponsorship Kecskemét, HungaryBattonya

We began working in Hungary in 1986 when we built a first SOS Children's Village in Battonya, a small town near the Romanian border. SOS Children's Village Battonya has 12 family houses built in the traditional style. The children attend the public nursery and the local schools. As the children grew older, SOS Youth Homes were established in nearby Szeged and Bekescsaba.


The second Hungarian SOS Children's Village started in Kecskemét, a small town 80 km south-east of Budapest. SOS Children Kecskemét is in Petöfi-Varos, approximately 10 km from the city centre. It has 12 family houses, one of which is used as an SOS Nursery, which is also attended by children from the neighbourhood. The 'Vasarhelyi Pal' Primary School is within easy walking distance to the Village and has undergone expansion with the assistance of SOS Children. There is an SOS Youth Home in the nearby town of Lajosmizse.


SOS Children's Village Köszeg opened in 1993, close to border crossing with Austria at Köszeg-Rattersdorf. This small but ancient town has a good infrastructure with a hospital, and primary and secondary schools. Opportunities for further education and for employment exist in Szombathely, which is the nearest urban centre. The Village has 12 family houses and an SOS Nursery for 50 local children. There is an SOS Youth Home in nearby Szombathely.

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