Healthcare in Africa

SOS Medical Centre Gulu UgandaIn Africa, getting to see a doctor depends greatly on where someone lives. In some countries, there may only be one doctor per 10,000 people (compare this to the UK, where estimates put the number at 27 doctors per 10,000 people (WHO)). In the rural areas of these countries, away from the relative development of urban centres, access can be even lower.

Low access to doctors combines with the prevalence of deadly diseases to make healthcare a huge issue. HIV/AIDS and malaria kill many thousands, especially young children. Prevention and treatment of these diseases is vital to lowering their impact; the use of drugs and prevention measures are increasing but still much more is required to lessen their tragic effects on children and families across Africa.

Healthcare is vital to helping children survive and develop. Access to doctors, nurses, equipment and medication are all big parts of this. Proper treatment gives children the chance to live a normal and healthy life.

Our charity and healthcare

We build SOS Medical Centres which have qualified doctors and nurses able to provide healthcare to communities which need it most. Often our medical centres are built near to our SOS Children's Villages, in regions which we have identified as being in particular need of support.

Our medical centres provide high quality medical care, with medication and vaccinations applied when needed. They will often help thousands of people a year, including people who would otherwise go without.

Children living in our SOS Children's Villages all get frequent medical care.

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