Give a Pound for Africa

Children from Mombasa, Kenya'Pound for Africa' is a new initiative aiming to make life better for the poorest children in Africa. We'd like you to join us by making a small donation of £1 a week which will go towards helping children in Africa live a better life:

Give a Pound for Africa

Helping children in Africa

Many children in Africa face extreme poverty. When a child is orphaned or abandoned, prospects in life can be bleak: the chances of illness, living on the streets, malnutrition, limited or no education and being affected by violence are all increased.

That is why our charity runs SOS Children's Villages, schools, medical centres and Family Strengthening Programmes, which aim to help those most in need and help other children avoid dire poverty. We often work with local agencies and governments to identify children and families who are in the most desperate situations, ensuring that our charity work is effective and life-changing.

By giving a 'Pound for Africa' you are ensuring that wherever the need is greatest in Africa, your donation will be making a difference and giving children hope and stability.

Our charity has experience of working in Africa for many years. We work all across the African continent, from Tunisia to South Africa. For over 40 years we have been helping children and have been improving our care as our experience increases and the world modernises. In every country we work in, our charity employs local people to provide care for the children we help, meaning that everything you put into our charity will be helping Africans to help the poorest children in Africa.

How will my Pound for Africa donation help?

With your help we can continue to improve our care into the future and continue to offer help to children and young people in need, so that they can live a life based on steady foundations, able to be confident in their abilities and able to make a change for the better. We do this in these ways:

  • We help children most in need: those orphaned, abandoned or unable to be cared for, by giving them a loving mother and home in our SOS Children's Villages
  • Mother and child at Basse, The GambiaWe provide education in our SOS Schools and SOS Nurseries, giving children the chance to get an education and get out of the poverty trap
  • We provide healthcare in our SOS Medical Centres. These centres provide healthcare to thousands of people in the local community. They help children get vaccinated against diseases and help children to avoid diseases like malaria and HIV/AIDS
  • We help children in the wider community through our Family Strengthening Programmes. These support families at risk and help them to stay together.
  • After an emergency, we usually have a local SOS Children's Village nearby, able to help children and families affected by disasters, in whichever way is most effective

By joining us through 'Pound for Africa', you will be contributing to our work in Africa, giving us the flexibility and consistent support required to make a real difference to the lives of children. You will be donating in the knowledge that you are helping those most in need:

Give a Pound for Africa

How else can I help children in Africa?

If you can afford to donate more, you can sponsor our work in Africa for £20 a month. You may also want to sponsor a child in Africa in one of our many SOS Children's Villages.