Child Sponsorship background from Gabú, Guinea-Bissau

Child from Gabu, Guinea-BissauSOS Children's Village Gabú

The SOS Children's Village Gabú is situated in a provincial capital of the same name, about 200 km east of Bissau. Political and social unrest in 1997 and 1998 however delayed the construction works of Guinea-Bissau's second SOS Children's Village The official opening ceremony took place on October 29, 2001, in the presence of the Social Minister, Ms Filomena Tipote. The SOS Children's Village Gabú consists of ten family houses, a village director's house, a porter's house, a house for the power generator, an African hut die gatherings and cultural activities, a garage a sports ground, an administrative and service block, and a house for the so called SOS Aunts (SOS Aunts care for the children when the SOS Mothers are absent).

Other SOS Projects in Gabú

The attached SOS Nursery school consists of four group rooms, a kitchen and a small office. It is currently attended by about 100 children from both the SOS Children's Village, and the local neighbourhood.

The SOS Primary School consists of six classrooms, a multi-purpose hall, an administrative and service block, a library and a school director's house. Some 210 pupils from the SOS Children's Village and the local neighbourhood currently make use of the education offered.

Background to Gabú

With a population of around 14,000, Gabú is the largest town in eastern Guinea-Bissau and capital of the Gabú Region. The Muslim religion dominates Gabú.  It is a market town and a centre for trade with Guinea and Senegal. After the independence of Guinéa-Bissau, the city acquired its actual name, replacing the old one, "Nova Lamego".