SOS Schools in Estonia

In Estonia, there is currently one SOS Nursery and one SOS School.  These facilities provide education to children from SOS Villages, and from the wider community.  The staff members are well-trained and the resources available to students are of a high standard.  Below you can read recent information from SOS Children education projects in Estonia:

SOS Schools in Estonia: In-Depth

SOS Nursery KeilaKeila

Description of SOS Schools:

The SOS Nursery consists of two group rooms and has a capacity for up to fifty children. Primary school education is offered at the SOS School, where up to 120 children can be taught in four classrooms. Additionally, the SOS Nursery and the SOS School share a kitchen, a dining hall, a multi-purpose hall and a garden.

SOS Nursery

Work and Achievements (Taken from a staff report):

"From January to August there were 19 kids in Sipsik SOS Nursery group and 18 kids in Krõll SOS Nursery group.12 children were from Keila SOS Children's Village. In spring 12 children graduated from the SOS Nursery, among them 4 children from the SOS Children Village.

In Autumn 2009 there were 17 kids in Sipsik SOS Nursery group and 16 kids in Krõll SOS Nursery group, plus 1 child since December. Since the beginning of September there are 9 children from the SOS Children's Village at our SOS Nursery.

Teaching in the SOS Nursery has been systematic and persistent. Childrens individuality and age specific specialities were taken into consideration. The activities were carried out in the whole group, in smaller groups and individually. Our speech therapist worked with children who had difficulties with speaking.

SOS Nursery teachers use a Step-by Step methodology in their work, they also get regular additional training in this field. In addition to two teachers who are studying to get higher education another three teachers started to study at the university. Two of them at Tallinn Pedagogical Seminar and one at Tallinn University of Technology. One teacher is studying on additional course at Tallinn Pedagogical Seminar.

SOS Nursery teachers pay significant attention to teaching children through games. This year we have more means for creative activities.

The children took part in several events, which made SOS Nursery life more diverse. More memorable among them were visits to Harju County Museum, to Mini Zoo in Kuristu (near to Keila to the seaside and to the forest.  7 children took part in a song contest  Keila Child at Keila Culture Centre. One boy performed very successfully, winning the contest.

Children of both groups go to swim once a week in Keila Health Centre."