SOS Schools in Equatorial Guinea

In Sub-Saharan Africa, Equatorial Guinea has the highest adult literacy rate at 93% of the population.

SOS Primary School Bata, Equatorial GuineaIn Equatorial Guinea, there is currently one SOS Nursery and one SOS School. These facilities provide education to children from SOS Villages and from the wider community. Staff members are well trained and the resources available to students are of a high standard.  Below you can find an overview on the SOS Children education projects.

Children in Equatorial Guinea

Children in Bata celebrate Easter and were asked to write about the holiday. One child wrote “I don’t like Easter because Judas killed Jesus. I prefer Christmas”. Another was more concerned with practical matters like the food - “I hate cassava on Easter day, because we eat it very often at home.”

Bata : SOS Schools

The SOS Nursery at Bata has over 180 children, with most coming from the local community and around 10 from the SOS village.

  • The school has 6 classrooms and aims to provide children of 3-5 years with a good grounding in language, writing and maths to prepare them for primary school.
  • The school celebrates special days such as ‘Day of Peace’ and ‘Day of the African Child’ and holds a ceremony to mark the end of the school year.
    The SOS Primary & Secondary School at Bata has nearly 700 students, around 100 coming from the SOS village.
  • Roughly 500 pupils are in primary education and 300 in secondary education at the school, one of a small number to have already implemented the New National Plan of study.
  • Recently both the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams won the Trophy of the National Federation of the Academic and School Sport (FENADUE).