Education in Africa

Classroom view from the teacher's desk - Bakoteh, The GambiaIn Africa, the standard of education varies considerably. Whilst the quality of education and attendance rates in many African countries is rising, there are still many children who do not attend or complete school. This leaves already poor children at a competitive disadvantage throughout childhood and into adulthood, compared to children in luckier circumstances.

Many children in Africa do not complete school because their family simply cannot afford the costs associated with education, including textbooks and writing materials. This is a continuing problem despite the fact that in many countries in Africa education is now free or fees remain low. Yet for families that face poverty and a struggle to survive, priority often lies in day-to-day essentials like food and drink, not education.

Furthermore, many children don't get the opportunity to go to school as they have to work to help provide for their families. Whilst the issue of child labour in sub-Saharan Africa remains, the issue of children's education is likely to remain too.

Also, there are simply not enough classrooms and trained teachers in sub-Saharan Africa to provide an education to every child. This is especially problematic as free education has increased the number of children who can attend school. This means that when children do go to school, class sizes can be well above western averages. For example, in Zambia, an average of 68 children are in each classroom.

How our charity helps to provide education to children

Our charity builds and runs SOS Schools across the African continent that provide an education to children. The standards in these schools are high, often amongst the best in the region. Teachers are paid competitive salaries and have the resources available to help children to learn.

We also run a number of Vocational Training Centres in Africa which are designed to provide special courses in vocational qualifications that give young people the skills to find jobs and start careers, helping them to get out of the cycle of poor education and poor life chances.

All of our children in our SOS Children's Villages go to school, either at an SOS School or a nearby local school, and the youngest children go to SOS Nursery Schools which provide nursery education inside of SOS Children's Villages.

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