SOS Schools in Colombia

SOS Primary and Secondary School Ibagué

The combined SOS Primary and Secondary school Ibagué opened in October 1987. It has the capacity for about 520 pupils - 290 in primary and 230 in secondary - in 14 classes

SOS Primary School Ibague ColombiaUpdate report from 2008:

The SOS School and the Telefonica Foundation say 'No' to Child Labour

Child labor in Ibagué is common ground for the activities of the PRONIÑO programme and the protective spirit of SOS Children at our SOS School.

The Pro-niño initiative is a corporate social action and public benefit programme of the Telefónica Group, Colombia, which has the mission of contributing to preventing and progressively erradicating child labor, which violates the rights of boys, girls and adolescents, through networked integral actions programmes that benefit the boys and girls at the SOS School and the children covered by SOS Social Centre El Oasis.

The programme supports school strengthening programmes, social protection, programs for using spare time, health, recreation and nutrition and works with NGOs like Concern Universal, Centro de Formación para la Paz (Centre for Education for Peace) and the YMCA/YWCA.

Our institution is part of a network that says “No” to child labor by supporting 75 kids enrolled at the SOS School and the Social Centre El Oasis.  During 2009 we hope to continue with this programme buy entering into strategic alliances and improving the standard of living of the children involved in the programme.

A Week For Peace

Within the framework of the week for peace, the students from different grades shared the Co-habitation Agreement.  The pre-school level learned this with the children and characters like Lucía, the girl who teaches values and Misionerita, Lucía’s friend, in Chapter I of the Co-habitation Manual of our the SOS School.  

Likewise, students from primary school and high school learned and accepted the proper way to use the Co-habitation Agreement.